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Call to order by 19:37 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report

There is now a form on the website to renew or apply for Membership.

Jessie Glaeser KD9IXF
David Glaeser KD9IQP
Carry Dubisz KC9KCU
Chris Wilson KD9KJV
Mike Buchanan KD9LLE
Robin KD9LVA

VE report
November: 1 general, 1 tech
Next one is December 1st

Field Day
Winter Field Day

March 30-31, 2019 Technician Class

Holiday Party, December 4, 19:00 - 21:00

New Business
2019 Budget
We are now accepting payments via paypal online.

Buck Night
Mike KD9LLE - James Polk

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC.

Minutes read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report



Mike Buchanen, recent Tech KD9LLE.
Vance KD9GLP, worked 40M at Field Day with us.

Awards & Bragging

Matt NM9O, got the high score for the VA QSO Party from Wisconsin on the 40M band.
Thomas AC9BJ, let us know that Ted Gisske, had a beer named after him at the Grumpy Troll, "Ted".

VE Report

July, 2 tech, 2 general. First session with new technician question call.
Next VE session is August 4th.

Fox Hunt

401 Charmony Ln, east side of parking lot.
Starting time at 19:00.


Nothing is planned at this time, the plan is to plan for a technician class in September.


ARRL Midwest Division Convention, Aug 4-5, 2018, north of Cedar Rapids, IA "mini Dayton"


Buck Night

Eldon NK9U won an Abraham Lincoln.

Called to order at 91:30 by Frederick W9GOC.

Minutes read by Matt NM9O.

Treasurers Report

Keith hanging out with Brad, still doesn't have his ham license.

Matt NM9O participated in the VA QSO party, 23 contacts on 40M.
Winter Field Day results are posted, W9JZ

Callsign Changes

VE Report

Technician Class, Feb 25, 5 Techs, 2 general, 1 extra
March 3, 1 tech, 1 general.
April 7 next VE Session.

April 7th, 2018 MARA Hamfest, 400 Mandt Parkway, Stoughton, WI

Tickets can also be purchased online.

April 13th, 2019 MARA Hamfest.

March 24th, 2018 Hamfest in Milwaukee at the Elks Club across the street from HRO.

Old Business
Budget that was proposed last month. Andy AC9CB reviews the budget that was proposed.
Motion to accept by Sam KG9NG, seconded by Matt NM9O, passed unanimously.

Buck Night
Carolyn NQ9A

Stuart AC9LZ "An Introduction to KiCAD"

Called to order at 19:32 by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurers Report

$4571.25 current balance. Anyone with outstanding


Patrick KA1RB, lives just south of Oconomowoc. Don conned him into being the section manager, and for some reason
he is doing it again.

Lloyd N9LB, 1st place in January VHF contest for 2017 for Wisconsin.

VE Report

February 3rd: 6 tech, 4 general, 2 passed extra, one had to check felony and has not followed up.
Next test on the 25th at the tech class.

March 3rd is next normal test.

Technician Class

February 24-25, 2018. 7 people signed up. The question pool is changing in June, if people are working on getting
the tech license, do so before the pool changes.

Wisconsin QSO Party, March 11, 2018.
Jefferson Hamfest on March 18th, 2018.
MARA Hamfest, which is now ARRL affiliated will be in April 7, 2018. In Stoughton, Jeff KC9UNZ is the volunteer chairman if one would like to volunteer. Those that have had a table in the last three years should be receiving a notification in the mail.

Old Business
Paulette WB9VHF asked about our ARRL status, we are waiting for some paperwork to be sent.

Winter Field Day
Barry K8SD used a microphone. And a straight key, stats are available on the club website.

We passed out the budget proposal.

Buck Night
Betsy WN9GOC

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC at 19:30.

Frederick W9GOC is looking for signatures to nominate our current section manager, Patrick, for another term.


Read by Matt NM9O, question regarding the nomination for President, AC9BJ was removed at his request.


Barry K8SD, went up to Blue Mounds in November and worked CQWW CW. Worked Guam, Japan and many other countries.
Had a great time. Used an IC-7300 and an 80M endfed halfwave. 10, 15, 40, and 80M.

VE Report

Ron K2VB, wants to thank Carolyn NQ9A for covering for him at the beginning of January.

January: 3 Tech, 1 General.

In December one of the people checked the felony box, and have not received his license yet, the FCC did follow up, but he did not respond.

Next VE session is February 3rd.

There will be a technician class, February 24-25, 2018. Testing at 15:30 on the 25th.

Ralph Kuehn, KD9NHU, upgraded to Extra.


The Senate looks like it will be having a debate on Net Neutrality.
Jefferson Hamfest on March 18th.
MARA Hamfest, which is now ARRL affiliated will be in April 7, 2018. In Stoughton, Jeff KC9UNZ is the volunteer chairman if one would like to volunteer. Those that have had a table in the last three years should be receiving a notification in the mail.

Dayton Hamvention is in May, along with 4 days in May.

Austin KD9CZE, looking for some help with setting up a station and also looking at upgrading to General.


2018 Board Election Results:

President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice President: Thomas AC9BJ
Treasurer: Andy AC9CB
Secretary: Matt NM9O

Board Members at Large:
Barry K8SD
Eldon NK9U
Stuart AC9LZ

Fellow FLARCians!

This is a longish update, please read through to the end.

Our monthly gathering is soon to be upon us! This coming Tuesday evening,
January 16th, 2018, we will be gathering at our usual location of UW Space
Place at 19:00 and being called to order at 19:30.

Our program this month will be programming radios, specifically with the Free
and Open Source program CHIRP. If you got a new radio this past holiday
season and want some help programming it, or have had one for a while that you
would like help with, please bring it! We will have cables for
Kenwood/Baofeng radios.

This month we will be holding elections for the Board of Directors, so far our
nominees are, in no particular order:

President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice President: Thomas AC9BJ, Ron K2VB
Treasurer: Joe KC9OOG
Secretary: Matt NM9O

Board Member at Large (3): Barry K8SD
Andy AC9CB
Eldon NK9U
Thomas AC9BJ
Stuart AC9LZ

We will take more nominations before the election, self nominations are

Which brings me to my next item, membership dues. In order to vote, you must
be a current member. If you have not paid your dues for this year, please
bring cash or check made out to Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club.

$25 Regular Membership
$20 Senior
$14 Additional Family Member
$10 Student

Also with the new year, we will be retiring the mailing current QST mailing list.

The new list will be located at and will only be for
current members.

Also at the end of this month we will be participating in Winter Field Day,
Jan 27-28. We will be at the Town of Christiana Town Hall, just outside of
Cambridge. If you have any questions or want to attend, but are not on the
FDOPS list, please contact Matt NM9O or Carolyn NQ9A.