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For the 2016 Wisconsin QSO Party, we operated as N9UW from UW Space Place in Madison, WI again this year.

We used two endfed antennas that were a half wavelength on 80 meters, which made them resonant on 10,15,20,40 and 80 meters. Since the quadplexers are only set up for 15,20,40 and 80M, those were the four HF bands that we operated on. We also used the Space Place 2M vertical, so were able to get some local contacts on 2M.

Our operators this year were Barry K8SD, Thomas, AC9BJ, Carlie KD9CZG, Doug ND9Q, Matt NM9O, Andy AC9CB, Mike KD9BDL, Tom W9TDP, Brian KK4HPY and Nathan KC9WHJ. We operated using SSB, FM, CW and digital (psk31) modes. This was a great learning event as some of our operators had limited HF experience previously.

For logging we used the software created by N3FJP.

We made contacts with 46 Wisconsin counties and 43 states/provinces in North America.

Some pictures showing the operators and station setup.

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