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Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Andy AC9CB
Correction: Paulette's retirement should be listed under Bragging!

Treasurers Report
Andy AC9CB, reports $5,210.48 in our accounts
Recent transactions include dues received, payments for award engraving, and holiday party

Jay Scholz - KD9OFI - just got his Tech
Marc - N9WIB - passed General just a few weeks ago

Kathy - KB9UAZ - Excellence in Amateur Radio from the Wisconsin Valley Amateur Radio Club

Andrew - KD9NMN - Extra
Marc - N9WIB - General

VE Report
December Session - 1 Tech, 1 General, 1 Extra

January 4th is the next session

Winter Field Day
Next Field Day Ops Meeting will be on January 11th at 10am at Culver's on Todd Drive.  This meeting is two weeks before Winter Field Day

Saturday, January 25th we will be at Town of Christiana Town Hall - 773 Koshkonong Rd.  Setup is at 8am, operating will start at 1pm.  Come visit.

Thinking of March for a potential Tech class

Jeff - KC9UNZ - has several ARRL Handbooks available from his library that he is wishing to part with.  Available at the break.

Hamfest coming up - January 4th - Waukesha

Old Business
2020 Budget - presented by Andy, AC9CB
Sam, KG9NG made a motion to approve the proposed budget
Ron, K2VB seconded
Motion passed

New Business
Nominations for Board Officers:
Frederick - W9GOC
Matt - KD9DZT

Vice President
Thomas - AC9BJ - Declined
Andrew - KD9NMN

Andy - AC9CB

Matt - NM9O

Board Members at Large
Kathy - KB9UAZ - Declined
Matt - KD9DZT
Jeff - KC9UNZ
Nick - N9STF
Gary - KA9SRM - Declined
Stuart - AC9LZ

Motion to table nominations by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Gary KA9SRM.
Nominations will re-open at the next meeting

Buck Night
Nick - N9STF - Millard Fillmore

Free for all, Q and A session

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Thomas AC9BJ, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report
$4820.70 Balance

Recent Income
$345.00 Dues
$3.00 Donation
$63.00 Holiday Party

Recent Expenses
$6.91 Paypal Fees
$230.00 Park Rental
$45.82 Awards
$10.00 Attic Angel

Noelia KD9KRR
Noelia's Mom with a Driver's License

The Wisconsin QSO Party sent Carolyn NQ9A and Steve N9CK a 2nd place certificate for 2018.

VE report
December: 2 general, 5 tech
Next one is January 5th.

Field Day
Winter Field Day is happening on January 26th and 27th.  It's a great opportunity to get on the air.

March 30-31, 2019 Technician Class
Maybe we can engage the website to solicit interest in a General Class class.

Special event station W7Q will be operating from the Quartzite Convention in the last full week of January.  Approximately 300 Hams in RVs operating off-grid in Arizona, surrounded by 7,000 non-Ham RVs.
The Waukesha MidWinter Hamfest is on January 5th in the Waukesha County Expo Center.
Wisconsin QSO Party is in March.
Jefferson Swapfest is in March.

2019 Budget
Club Treasurer Andy AC9CB presented the 2019 budget for approval.
Passed unanimously.

2019 Board Nominations
President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Thomas AC9BJ
Treasurer: Andy AC9CB
Secretary: Matt NM9O
Board Members At Large: Bob WA9D, Eldon NK9U, Barry K8SD

Buck Night
Noelia KD9KRR - Dwight Eisenhower

Looking to get into Amateur Radio?  Need help studying for your Technician exam?  Mark off March 30th and 31st, 2019 on your calendar and join us for a Tech Class.  There is no cost for the class, and you will have an opportunity to take the exam after the class on Sunday!  See the Four Lakes Amateur Radio website for full details.

Fellow FLARCians!

There will not be a general membership meeting this month. Instead we will be
holding the annual foxhunt. Start time is 19:00 at 401 Charmany Ln, the east
end of the First Business Bank building parking lot.
The fox will be on 146.465MHz.

The repeater for this will be the 147.150+ pl 123.0.
We look forward to seeing you there!

We now have a reliable parts list for the modified Forty-9er part of the kit, based upon both the information contained in its schematic, and the prescribed modifications thereof . Lack of this list had been a major barrier to prospective volunteers for final inspection and testing .

The first kit is now tested and re-assembled. When six kits are ready, they will go back to Project Leader Matt. The seventh is being soldered together in order to discover any assembly issues.