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The starting point is at:

First Business Bank

401 Charmany Dr

Madison, WI 53719

Gathering at the site will be from 6:30 pm CDT to 6:45 pm CDT

The hunt starts at 7:00 pm CDT

· The start time for the fox hunt is 7:00 pm , a half hour earlier than the usual start time of our meetings and-
· There is no FLARC membership meeting at UW Space Place for August because of the foxhunt taking place
This will be a two hour driving hunt - well , shorter if the fox is found before that!

Called to order at 19:39 by Frederick W9GOC


Read by Matt NM9O. Updates: Tour de Cure is cancelled, Bike the Barns is in September.

Treasurers Report

Andy AC9CB, $5151.25

Andrew, KD9NMN
Marshall, KD0PMP
Trevor, K3TRE

K8SD worked St. Petersburg, Russia with 2M moon bounce. 100W, pair of 12 element m-squared antennas. He also worked Italy, and England.
Thomas AC9BJ operated Field Day.

VE Report
Sam KG9NG, 6 people in TN at The National Speleological Society.

July 6, 2019
7 tech, 1 general


Circus City Swap Fest in Baraboo, August 24, 2019.

EAA next week, Sam KG9NG.

Buck Night
Trevor now the proud owner of a Susan B. Anthony.

Called to order at 19:31 by Frederick W9GOC.

Read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Fritz Yates, from Stoughton, working on his technician.
Jim KF9VV, retired broadcast engineer, mostly HF, mostly CW
Ray K0AKA, formerly of Denver, also from Michigan.
N9EAZ, new member.

Thomas AC9BJ, and Matt NM9O acquired IC-7300's

Winter Field Day, January 26, 27, 2019.
Town Of Christiana
773 Koshkonong Road
Cambridge, WI 53523

Tricounty Ham Fest March 17th, 2019
April 13, MARA Hamfest, Stoughton new MARA website.

Jeff KC9UNZ, FLARC Ham of the Year.


Matt NM9O nominates Jeff KC9UNZ to be on the board.
Jeff KC9UNZ nominates KD9DZT for President.

President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Thomas AC9BJ
Treasurer: Andy AC9CB
Secretary: Matt NM9O

Board members at large: Barry K8SD, Bob WA9D, Jeff KC9UNZ

Buck Night
Jeff KC9UNZ, George Washington

Thomas AC9BJ, Barry K8SD
"Your first contest"

Call to order by 19:37 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report

There is now a form on the website to renew or apply for Membership.

Jessie Glaeser KD9IXF
David Glaeser KD9IQP
Carry Dubisz KC9KCU
Chris Wilson KD9KJV
Mike Buchanan KD9LLE
Robin KD9LVA

VE report
November: 1 general, 1 tech
Next one is December 1st

Field Day
Winter Field Day

March 30-31, 2019 Technician Class

Holiday Party, December 4, 19:00 - 21:00

New Business
2019 Budget
We are now accepting payments via paypal online.

Buck Night
Mike KD9LLE - James Polk

Fellow FLARCians!

There will not be a general membership meeting this month. Instead we will be
holding the annual foxhunt. Start time is 19:00 at 401 Charmany Ln, the east
end of the First Business Bank building parking lot.
The fox will be on 146.465MHz.

The repeater for this will be the 147.150+ pl 123.0.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC.

Minutes read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report



Mike Buchanen, recent Tech KD9LLE.
Vance KD9GLP, worked 40M at Field Day with us.

Awards & Bragging

Matt NM9O, got the high score for the VA QSO Party from Wisconsin on the 40M band.
Thomas AC9BJ, let us know that Ted Gisske, had a beer named after him at the Grumpy Troll, "Ted".

VE Report

July, 2 tech, 2 general. First session with new technician question call.
Next VE session is August 4th.

Fox Hunt

401 Charmony Ln, east side of parking lot.
Starting time at 19:00.


Nothing is planned at this time, the plan is to plan for a technician class in September.


ARRL Midwest Division Convention, Aug 4-5, 2018, north of Cedar Rapids, IA "mini Dayton"


Buck Night

Eldon NK9U won an Abraham Lincoln.