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Online Resources

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
ARRL Ham Radio License Manual - 4th Edition
ARRL Licensing, Education and Training
Includes ARRL Exam Review for Ham Radio
Find an Online Amateur Radio License Exam
W5YI-VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator)
2018-2022 Technician Class Book - W5YI VEC product page
Online Exams
Ham Study
Click on Technician to find the practice test.
On the right side of the Ham Study website is the blog.  Click on "A Year of Remote Exams" to find an online exam.
Technician Class Lectures
Developed by FLARC club member Marc N9WIB.
You Tube
David Casler
Ham Radio 2.0
Go to and search for "ham radio 2.0 technician and look for "Ham Radio Technician Class License Course and Test Prep Part I."  There are three parts.
Ham Radio Crash Course
Go to and search for "Fast Ham Radio Technician Part I."  This version of the technician course has only two parts so far, but you can also look at his earlier version at and searching for "ham radio crash course technician."