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Based upon personal experience, Kenwood voice synthesizers are well designed and easy to use. They offer a unique and useful combination of (1) frequency announcements on demand, (2) automatic frequency reports after changes in  VFO, band, and/or channel, (3) instant, audible assistance with menu navigation, and (4) announcements by the VGS-1 of the function keys and options.

Further details are here.

Also, other brands' have similar, modern, synthesizers. They are discussed here.

This comes from a footnote in the April issue of QST (Page 32):

A technical journal named The WCF Experimenter.

Its Spring, 2016, issue has some interesting projects for both the advanced builder and those with more moderate skills.

One of the latter articles describes an Arduino-based device for measuring the speed of sound at your location, by bouncing sound off a wall and measuring it's return time.

It might be a good anesthetic for cabin fever.

A very large collection of old magazines, books,.etc, including -- but not limited to --  Radio Electronics, Popular Electronics, Radio Craft, Radio News, and Electronics Illustrated, is at:
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Also, there is a '73 Magazine' archive at:
Thanks to Stuart, AC9LZ for the heads-up on this.

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