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License Exams

Amateur Radio Testing in Madison WI

The Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club (FLARC) sponsors FCC license exams, which are held on the FIRST Saturday of each month at Space Place, in the Villager Mall, 2300 South Park Street, Madison, Wisconsin starting at 8 a.m. We try to have all exams finished and graded by 10 a.m. Please come as close to 8 as you can.

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Directions: From the Beltline (Hwys 12-18), take the Park Street exit north. Go about 0.5 mile. Space Place is on the left in the Villager Mall. Exams will also be held three times per year following the regular FLARC Amateur Radio Classes and during the spring MARA hamfest. Reservations not required. The FLARC VE team is accredited by the ARRL VEC.

Things to bring:

Test Fee

For 2022 the ARRL VEC test fee is $15 . Please bring a check or money order made out to the ARRL VEC for $15 or exact cash only. We have no change.

For information on the the FCC Application fees please go to . 


No one may take an amateur exam for another person. It is essential that the VE Team checks a candidate's identification (ID) before allowing the candidate to sit for an exam.

The candidate must present a legal photo ID. This requirement is usually met with a driver's license, but it can be a passport or other legal identification card with the candidate's photo on it.

When no photo ID is available, the candidate must present any two of the following:

Non-photo ID/driver's license (some states still have them);
Social Security Card;
Birth certificate (must have the appropriate seal);
Minor's work permit, school report card, school ID card or library card;
Utility bill, bank statement or other business correspondence that specifically names the person; or
Postmarked envelope addressed to the person at his or her current mailing address as it appears on the Form 605.

SS, TIN and FRN numbers

Effective August 16, 1999, the FCC implemented the Universal Licensing System (ULS) for the Amateur Service. ULS implementation includes a new personal information requirement in that all examinees must now supply a Taxpayer ID Number or TIN (This is your Social Security Number).

If you already have an amateur radio license or ANY other FCC issued radio license (for example GMRS) you must use your FRN on that license. (If you have no such license, your Social Security number will serve as an interim identifier until your FRN is generated.)

What is a FRN (Federal Registration Number) number? The FCC maintains an extensive database of all license holders (for all radio services) and has a unique FRN assigned to each one. When you make a license renewal, or update application, you must supply them with your FRN to proceed. If wish to receive a FRN before submitting an application go to:

If you have a current amateur radio license:

Bring the ORIGINAL license and Originals of any CSCEs which should be considered (both returned to you after inspection), and a photocopy of the license and CSCEs to be sent in with your application.

Things NOT to bring:

A fancy programmable calculator. The calculator must not have memories, or the memories must be cleared before you use it on the test. This includes clearing the PDA or cell phone memories, so those would not be good choices to use for a calculator. Simple calculators are provided for your use. You may use a standard slide rule.

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