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January 2020 General Membership Meeting

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC at 19:30

Minutes read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Our current account balance is $5425.48. Recent transactions include dues received. Pending upcoming payments include Field Day park reservation, and insurance premium.

Laura Jungles here with her dad, wants to be a ham radio operator. This is the first that her dad has heard of this.

Carolyn NQ9A worked in RTTY Roundup at Steves, lots of fun, used his Flex SDR.

Stuart got a new Anytone DMR radio for Christmas, so built out a jumbo hotspot using a raspberry pi.

Jim Klas n0s8 TPA paddle for Christmas and a receiving mag loop.

Jeff KC9UNZ is the new Dane County Emergency Coordinator.

VE Report

January - 2 tech, 1 extra

Next session is Feb 1, 2020

It appears that the FCC ULS website may be having technical issues.

Technician Class
March 28-29, 2020 for the next Tech Class.


Kathy KB9UAZ has a triband HT and a dual band 2820 for sale.

Winter Field Day

We will be operating from Christiana Township outside of Cambridge.

Old Business
Election for the 2020 Board of Directors.

The results of the election are:

President, Frederick W9GOC
Vice President, Andrew KD9NMN
Treasurer, Andy AC9CB
Secretary, Matt NM9O
Board Members:
Nick N9STF

Thomas AC9BJ, RTL SDR, KerberosSDR.