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September 2018, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:31 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Matt NM9O, no questions or corrections.

Treasurers Report

Fred WN9I was active in the club in 1990s, has a request Tony Sac JA9CNC, looking for a TenTec Paragon 2.
Mark met us at Field Day, inherited his brother in laws equipment, Johnson and Collins.
Robin KV9KYC, recently licensed. More interested in Digital modes, does not have a radio yet.
WA9AQX, moved here from Indiana, no equipment currently.
KD9LQZ, new General.
Nathan KC9WHJ

Thanks to Andy AC9CB, we are now in good standing with the ARRL again.
Since 1937, mostly, we have been affiliated with the ARRL.

Fox Hunt
Brad won the fox hunt in August.

VE Report
August: 2 tech, 2 general, 1 extra
September: 1 tech, 3 general, 1 extra
Next session is October 6.

There may or may not be a class at this point on September 29-30, 2018.

The next ARES meeting will NOT be tomorrow.
HRO super fest on September 29.
We have two tickets to the Fox Cities Swap Fest.

FLARC Holiday Party, 1st Tuesday of December at Attic Angel.

Buck Night
Ron K2VB won an Andrew Jackson.

Fox Cities Swapfest tickets
Andy AC9CB and Jeff KC9UNZ