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October 2018, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Thomas AC9BJ, no questions or corrections.

Treasurer's Report

Membership renewals will be accepted online starting in December


Will KD9LUZ- new ham, new call just received.

VE Report

October: 4 techs, 1 general

Next session is November 3rd.


Paulette WB9VHF will be meeting with the instructors to plan the 2019 classes.  There may be a technician class in March, with another in October.


The next Field Day Planning meeting is this Saturday, October 20th, at 10 am at the Culver's off Todd Drive.  Only interested parties are invited.

Fox Cities 2018 Swapfest will occur Sunday November 4th.

Milwaukee Repeater Club Radio Fest will occur Saturday November 3rd.

Buck Night

Paulette WB9VHF won an Andrew Jackson