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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Michael KB9VBR on Solar Power and Amateur Radio

Business meeting

Called to order by Sam KG9NG at 20:18

February 21, 2023 minutes read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections. Motion to approve by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW. No objections.

Treasurer's report

Checking Balance $7265.28
Recent transactions include payment of insurance premium,
Report received with motion by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW

VE Report

6 candidates walked away with successful exams.  There were more VEs present than candidates. We continue to look for a replacement VE Coordinator. Contact Ron K2VB or Sam KG9NG


Matt NM9O and Thomas AC9BJ did not freeze to death while operating outdoor in Jackson County for the Wisconsin QSO Party

Nicholas KB9SKW made about 160 contacts in the Wisconsin QSO Party

Matt KD9DZT received an award from Wisconsin Parks on the Air for 1st Place as Not in a Park Operator

Call sign changes & Upgrades

Thomas WN1C was previously AB1YW

Steve KD9WNS is a new Extra and will be getting a new call sign

Field Day Committee Report

Badger Prairie Park has been reserved for Field Day June 24-25

The regular FLARC Meeting in June will be at the park (June 20)

Matt NM9O will be sending an email to the fdops list to set up a committee meeting.


MARA Hamfest is returning April 15th in Stoughton. They are looking for volunteers to assist. There will be a VE session at 10am - also looking for a couple more VEs to assist, contact Sam KG9NG.

There is a Hamfest this weekend in Milwaukee at the Elks Lodge on Good Hope Rd across from HRO. March 25th.

It is possible we will  go to in-person meeting in July at Space Place.  The room is currently occupied during our meeting time. Look for announcements.

New Business

Call for nominations was made for President, Vice President and Secretary, but none offered. 

Applause for Nicholas KB9SKW for lining up great presenters over the past few months. Thank you.

Motion to close meeting by Nicholas KB9SKW, seconded by Matt NM9O.

Meeting adjourned at 20:32