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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday, February 21, 2023


W9XT Gary on Antenna takeoff angles, terrain effects and modeling

Business meeting

Called to order by Sam KG9NG at 20:24

January 17, 2023 minutes read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections

Treasurer's report

Checking Balance $7660.28
Recent transactions include dues payments received
Our previous insurance carrier stopped offering business line of insurance. We shopped several and selected AmFam subsidiary USLI at $395/year and proceeding with this option


Lloyd made contacts to the Caribbean

Field Day Committee Report

There was participation for Winter Field Day - Thomas AC9BJ made several hundred contacts.
Reservation has been made for Badger Prairie Park. More details to come


Wisconsin QSO Party is coming in 3 weeks - March 12. See the West Allis Radio Amateur Club website for more details. Everyone is encouraged to get on.

Tri-county Hamfest coming up in Jefferson March 19th

MARA Hamfest is returning April 15th in Stoughton. They are looking for volunteers to assist

New Business

Call for nominations was made for President and Secretary, but none offered. 

Next meeting will be via Zoom with an in-person option for a few attendees. Contact Sam or Nicholas if you are interested in attending. Please encourage your ham friends to join us on the Zoom. Topic is to be determined

Motion to close meeting by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW.

Meeting adjourned at 20:38