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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Lloyd N9LB presented on Lightning Protection for Amateur Radio Stations

Business meeting

Called to order by Sam KG9NG at 20:32

April 18, 2023 minutes read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections. Motion to approve by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW. No objections.

Treasurer's report

Checking Balance $7290.28
There is a PayPal balance to be transferred not reflected in above balance
Thomas AC9BG moved to approve, Bob WA9D seconded. Passed without objection.

VE Report

At the regular session on May 6th there were 6 candidates and 8 VEs. Everyone got something. One candidate passed both Tech and General.

We continue to look for a replacement VE Coordinator. Contact Ron K2VB or Sam KG9NG if you have interest.

Changes & Upgrades

Steve KD9WNS has a new callsign W9GZO

Field Day Committee Report

Planning to run 4A with multiple stations and antennas. Trello is being used for tracking logistics. Borrowing battery from Thomas AC9BJ. Generator is being borrowed from Mike KD9BDL. Setup will start at 8am with operating at 1pm Saturday June 24 through 1pm Sunday June 25. Contact NM9O at if you would like to participate. Hosting a BBQ picnic for dinner with Kevin KF9AQ cooking. Please RSVP for the picnic to Nicholas at KB9SKW at

Old Business

Call for nominations was made for President, Vice President and Secretary, but none offered.


The regular FLARC Meeting on June 20 will be at Badger Prairie Park at 7:00pm.

July meeting will be at Space Place along with a Zoom call option.

Motion to close meeting by Matt NM9O, seconded by Thomas WN1C.

Meeting adjourned at 20:42