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W9XT Gary on Antenna takeoff angles, terrain effects and modeling

Business meeting

Called to order by Sam KG9NG at 20:24

January 17, 2023 minutes read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections

Treasurer's report

Checking Balance $7660.28
Recent transactions include dues payments received
Our previous insurance carrier stopped offering business line of insurance. We shopped several and selected AmFam subsidiary USLI at $395/year and proceeding with this option


Lloyd made contacts to the Caribbean

Field Day Committee Report

There was participation for Winter Field Day - Thomas AC9BJ made several hundred contacts.
Reservation has been made for Badger Prairie Park. More details to come


Wisconsin QSO Party is coming in 3 weeks - March 12. See the West Allis Radio Amateur Club website for more details. Everyone is encouraged to get on.

Tri-county Hamfest coming up in Jefferson March 19th

MARA Hamfest is returning April 15th in Stoughton. They are looking for volunteers to assist

New Business

Call for nominations was made for President and Secretary, but none offered. 

Next meeting will be via Zoom with an in-person option for a few attendees. Contact Sam or Nicholas if you are interested in attending. Please encourage your ham friends to join us on the Zoom. Topic is to be determined

Motion to close meeting by Thomas AC9BJ, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW.

Meeting adjourned at 20:38


Open discussion on how you have been getting on the air.

New Member introduction - Steve Ujvarosy previously WA9GZO. Formerly from the West Allis area, studying to pass his license exam in February and interested in 2m operating to get back into things.

SPARC Station

SPARC Station at UW Space Place recent upgrades

Nicholas's HF radio died, he is going to work with Sam to borrow one indefinitely.

Business meeting

Called to order by Sam KG9NG at 20:01

December 20, 2022 minutes read by Sam KG9NG, several corrections made

Treasurer's report

Checking Balance $7009.79
PayPal Balance $514.67
Recent transactions include dues payments received

VE Report

Passed exams: 3 Technician and 4 General
Next session on February 4th at Space Place

Ron K2VB is stepping down as VE Liaison, if interested in filling this role please contact Sam at, Ron or Frederick


Thomas AB1YW was awarded Gold Parks on the Air Activator while traveling across 5 states in the cold

Field Day Committee Report

Winter Field Day is coming up and we encourage at-home participation, listing FLARC as your affiliation


Contact Mark Bellazzini N9WIB if you would like to information on how to join the Madison Area Hams Discord

New Business

Jeff presented procedures for voting using online form

Sam recommended for ballots to be returned by midnight Saturday

Nominations from December:


Vice President

Andy AC9CB


Board Member at Large
Paulette WB9VHF
Nicholas KB9SKW
Thomas AB1YW

Andy AC9CB moves to reopen nominations. Jeff KC9UNZ seconded

Thomas AB1YW nominated for Vice President by Nicholas KB9SKW, accepted contingent on President being nominated

Ted K9IMM nominated for President by Nicholas KB9SKW, Ted was not present to accept

Gary KA9SRM nominated for President by Sam KG9NG, declined
Gary KA9SRM nominated by Sam KG9NG, declined

It was generally determined that not enough membership was present to continue nominations.

Jeff KC9UNZ moved to proceed with election of Treasurer and Board Members at Large with other officer elections to occur after the February meeting where nominations can continue.  Seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW

Discussion on what “Saturday midnight” means. Jeff moves to close voting at 11:59 pm on Saturday. Seconded by Thomas AB1YW, passed.

Motion to close meeting by Nicholas KB9SKW, seconded by Jeff KC9UNZ.

Meeting adjourned at 20:38


WRTC 2014 video

Business meeting

Called to order by: Thomas AC9BJ  

November 15, 2022 minutes read by: Thomas AC9BJ  

Treasurer's report

Several dues payments received, but don't have specific figure in front of me tonight

Budget proposal presented second time
No further questions received since initial presentation last month, no discussion tonight.
Andy AC9CB moved to accept proposed budget
Lloyd N9LB seconded
Motion passed

VE Report

11 candidates including a commercial group that had read a 2-3 year old manual which led to a high number of failures
6 new licenses
12th candidate was turned away as they did not have an FRN.
There were more candidates than VEs this month!
Ron K2VB is stepping down as VE Liaison, if interested in filling this role please contact Sam at


Lloyd N9LB got written up in QST's VHF and Above column in both November (page 89) and December (page 84) for activity on 6m

Larry KD9VTR got his first FT8 contact with Argentina

Thomas AB1YM - Blog post written up on 10m QRP contest activities - 125 QSOs, 1 dupe, 39 multipliers. Heard stations as far as Australia and Alaska

Thomas AB1YW will be Summits on the Air in Ohio tomorrow then moving on to Kentucky and Maine

Field Day Committee Report

The Field Day committee is using same COVID criteria (Green CDC status) as we have been evaluating the general meeting. At this time we are not meeting this, so will not have in-person Winter Field Day but encourage at-home participation and list FLARC affiliation

New Business

Sam KG9NG moved to open nominations for board
Paulette WB9VHF seconded

Thomas AC9CB nominated by Gary KA9SRM, declined

Vice President

Andy AC9CB nominated by Sam KG9NG, accepted

Nicholas KB9SKW nominated by Sam KG9NG, declined

Board Member at Large
Paulette WB9VHF by Sam KG9NG, accepted
Nicholas KB9SKW by Thomas AC9BJ, accepted
Sam KG9NG by Paulette W9VHF, accepted
Thomas AB1YW by Nicholas KB9SKW, accepted

Nominations closed for this month - Nicholas KB9SKW moved, ? seconded


Silent Key
Joe Imilkowski W9CWD has passed. He was quite the character helping with numerous public events using his smart car and motor scooter. His obituary is expected in the next day or so.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51


Presenter:  Dave Olean, K1WHS

Topic: Antenna Stacking with a lively discussion to follow including EME, antenna placement and selecting a good beginner station.

Business Meeting

Called to order by: Thomas AC9BJ  

Sept. 20, 2022 minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A

Treasurer’s Report:. $6,895.54 includes recent payment for Zoom subscription. We will have a budget presentation next month in advance of vote in December. Renewals for dues will be available both online and via mail starting in November.

VE session: 2 candidates successfully received technician licenses at the Oct. 1st session. Next VE testing session is Sat Nov. 5, 2022 at Space Place

Guests: WE9R, Lyle
KD9VTR, Larry


During a rare opening in August, Lloyd N9LB worked KL7HBA in Alaska on 6m. This was the final state for Lloyd to complete his Worked All States for 6m. His accomplishment was highlighted in the ARRL's QST "The World Above 50Mhz" column

Upcoming Hamfests and Conventions


Madison Area Hams Discord Server -. If you need an invite you can e-mail Marc. N9WIB. 

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections

Treasurers Report
Andy AC9CB, reports $5,214.45 in our accounts
Recent transactions include dues received.

Pam Klas N9WPM, wife of Jim.  Tech for about 25 years, originally obtained on a bet.  Recently picked up again and having a blast with D-Star talking around the world.

Trevor K3TRE - Made his first DX contact! - OM2VL in Slovenia on 40M with an attic antenna.

Matt KD9DZT worked Pitcairn Islands - 17M and 15M. Also, San Andreas - 17M CW, 15M CW, 15M SSB, and 17M SSB

Barry K8SD worked 5T5AR in Mauritania on 5 different bands, CW, FT8 and SSB


VE Report
November 2nd Session - 3 Tech, 1 General

November 10th Session - No attendees

Winter Field Day
Upcoming soon.  Will be at Town of Christiana Town Hall.  Last Weekend in January - 25th and 26th.  Snow or not!

Summer Field Day
Badger Prairie County Park in Verona is reserved for June

Meteor Scatter opportunity - Thursday, November 21st ~9:30pm (good site to look for meteor work is  Mostly 6M and 2M, but also 220mhz, and possibly 10M.  Mode is MSK144.  Look to the east or south-east.

Holiday Party - December 3rd 7pm to 8:30pm - Attic Angel Community Room
Please complete the Doodle poll or see Andy to RSVP

Nominations for the FLARC board will be open in December and January.  Elections will happen at the January meeting.

Dues for 2020 can be paid now.  See Andy or the website for membership forms.

Paulette is retiring on January 3rd

New Business
Budget Presentation by Andy AC9CB.  We will vote on the proposed budget in December.

Steven KD9MWZ - Question on when we will be holding a General Class.  Answer: we will be looking to hold a class potentially in the first part of the year.  There are two interested here tonight.  We typically want 7 participants, so please recruit friends.

Buck Night
Steven Timm KD9MWZ - Sacagawea

K8SD Barry - Yagi Antenna building and MMANA-GAL Basic Antenna Modeling

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Thomas AC9BJ, no corrections.

Treasurers Report
Andy AC9CB, $5199.45
Recent transactions include dues received and Field Day gas reimbursement.
No pending expenses at this time.

Clive N9FWF, here for the non-winter.
Merle KD9MXK, new ham.  Recently retired; looking for new challenges.
Andrew KD9NMN, interested in electronics, activating some Summits on the Air.

Matt KD9DZT, participated in the WWV anniversary special event, contacted their station on 40CW as well as SSB on a few bands.
Clive K9FWF, picked up a yaesu at the Superfest.  Later got called at home; he won the grand prize: an IC-7300.
Betsy WN9GOC got her first wallpaper for ARRL Diamond Club membership.
Thomas AC9BJ and Carolyn NQ9A placed second in WIPOTA activated parks.

Marshall Alworth KD0PNP, upgraded to Extra and is now AC9VV.

VE Report
Sat Oct 5th: 3 Extra, 1 Technician
2 VE sessions in November.  November 2nd for regular session.
November 10th at 3pm for post-class sessoon

Technician Class
Scheduled for November 9 and 10th, but only one registrant at this time.  Should be listed on ARRL site, as well as W9JZ site.

Fox Cities swapfest is Sunday November 3rd - new location in Kaukauna.

Buck Night
Trevor K3TRE received a Susan B Anthony.

Bob, WA9D presented on Standing Up for Standing Waves

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Andy AC9CB, correction - Guest Andrew's suffix is NMN.

Treasurers Report
Andy AC9CB, $5199.45
Recent transactions include Buck Night replenishment, dues received and Field Day gas reimbursement.

Kevin KD9NMR
Andrew KD9NMN

Steve, KD9MWZ made his first DX contact at Field Day - Ontario
Dan Henney, N9EAZ got his 13 Colonies certificate - completed all in one day on phone
Stuart AC9LZ recently worked NU5DE - a Texas Naturist community

Trevor, K3TRE - is now General.  He recently went to Iceland and used his new reciprocal privileges, but was unable to make any contacts via the repeaters

VE Report
Sept 7 - 2 Extras, 1 General and 4 Technician
Sat Oct 5th is our next exam session

Technician Class
Scheduled for November 9 and 10th

Fox Hunt recap
Started 7PM.  Brad was hiding with Carolyn.  Paul and Matthew showed up first at 8:39.  Two more teams showed up a bit later, Trevor gave up and all went to Culvers.
The fox was hiding at the Monona Golf Course parking lot

The Ride is this coming Sunday - Kyle Schaefer has an open request for radio operators to assist.  Roster was sent out today, but there are always opportunities to fill in.

A thank you was received from the Bike the Barns for our assistance during their event this past weekend.

Second Annual Wisconsin Parks on the Air will be on this Saturday 11am - 6pm.  There are 72 entities that are eligible to be activated.  Thomas Baden is activating Blue Mounds State Park.  Dan Henney is activating Aztalan State Park as W9A.  Matt and Barry will also be activating various parks.

Superfest coming to Milwaukee - Friday and Saturday the 27th and 28th of September

Belvedere Hamfest is Sunday, September 29th

49 Build is scheduled for September 29th but may be rescheduled

Fox Cities swapfest is Sunday November 3rd - new location in Kaukauna.

Buck Night
Trevor K3TRE has a new shiny Abraham Lincoln

Jeff, KC9UNZ presented on WIRES-X

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC.

Read by Andy AC9CB, no corrections.

Treasurer's Report
Checking Balance: $4,914.51

Recent Income:
Dues (February 20th Counter Deposit)
Dues (March 12th PayPal Transfer)

Recent Expenses:
WFD Generator Gas
2019 Website Hosting
Thank You Card
PayPal Fees

Pending Expenses:
2018 Website Hosting

I would like to close 2018 finances soon. Please be sure to submit any receipts for reimbursement.

KB9NIV - Dick
KD9MFZ - John, recently licensed Technician, got interested with using DMR system at work
KD9MRB - Eric, Technician at start of the month, here to learn more. Grandfather was into Amateur Radio. Has Kenwood TS-850 in parent's basement
KD9MRD - Chuck, Inspired by FLARC in the 1960s and a Novice. Came to meet folks
KD9MKM - Fritz, just got his General, no radio yet.
Daniel Arndt, representing himself in regards to food for hamfests/events

Nick, KD9MIF contacted New Zealand on Saturday - 6:30AM. Was hearing Australia on 40M SSB and caught a TW call.
Matt, KD9DZT contacted Last Man Standing station via D-Star. Today, Uganda and Togo
Tom Pugh - 40M reached Eastern Europe from Florida

WI QSO Party
4 people participated
Sam reports band conditions were pretty good

Call sign changes and upgrades
Nick, KD9MIF - New Extra this month!!!

VE Report
3 Technician, 1 General and 2 Extra at March session

Upcoming classes
At least 20 people are signed up for the Technician class which will be the last weekend of March - 30-31. We will take all comers, so please

Tom Pugh - Has taken volunteer coordination for Horribly Hilly Hundreds - June 15th in Western Dane and Iowa Counties. Please contact Tom Pugh, W9TDP or the club if interested. Equipment is available if you need to borrow.

Sam, Tour de Cure. 27 July. Looking for help as well. Quite a bit flatter course.

Bike the Barns will be happening September 15th (Sunday), but we will not know where it will happen until a bit closer to the event.

MARA Hamfest - April 13, doors open at 8 to noon. Tables are still available. Danny will have food available. VE Testing at 10am.

This Saturday there is a Hamfest in Milwaukee at the Elks Club across from HRO. Doors likely

Buck Night
KA9SRM - Gary

Dano's Chef Service - Daniel Arndt local private chef from Stoughton would like to provide service for Field Day and open for other events. Currently catering for the MARA hamfest.
Question - Can you accommodate vegetarian meals? Yes, can do options.
How many meals - Betsy replied Dinner and smaller Breakfast
Funding - over past few years we have asked for $7 per participant to cover costs. Prior to that the club had covered costs fully.
Dano will work on a couple options and get in touch regarding.

Q&A Session
KD9MRD - Question on safety of radio in a car
WA9D - May be doing an antenna party in the near future
KD9MRD - Just put up antenna with wife and had some interesting time communicating how a guy wire works

Looking to get into Amateur Radio?  Need help studying for your Technician exam?  Mark off March 30th and 31st, 2019 on your calendar and join us for a Tech Class.  There is no cost for the class, and you will have an opportunity to take the exam after the class on Sunday!  See the Four Lakes Amateur Radio website for full details.