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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2022 via Zoom


WRTC 2014 video

Business meeting

Called to order by: Thomas AC9BJ  

November 15, 2022 minutes read by: Thomas AC9BJ  

Treasurer's report

Several dues payments received, but don't have specific figure in front of me tonight

Budget proposal presented second time
No further questions received since initial presentation last month, no discussion tonight.
Andy AC9CB moved to accept proposed budget
Lloyd N9LB seconded
Motion passed

VE Report

11 candidates including a commercial group that had read a 2-3 year old manual which led to a high number of failures
6 new licenses
12th candidate was turned away as they did not have an FRN.
There were more candidates than VEs this month!
Ron K2VB is stepping down as VE Liaison, if interested in filling this role please contact Sam at


Lloyd N9LB got written up in QST's VHF and Above column in both November (page 89) and December (page 84) for activity on 6m

Larry KD9VTR got his first FT8 contact with Argentina

Thomas AB1YM - Blog post written up on 10m QRP contest activities - 125 QSOs, 1 dupe, 39 multipliers. Heard stations as far as Australia and Alaska

Thomas AB1YW will be Summits on the Air in Ohio tomorrow then moving on to Kentucky and Maine

Field Day Committee Report

The Field Day committee is using same COVID criteria (Green CDC status) as we have been evaluating the general meeting. At this time we are not meeting this, so will not have in-person Winter Field Day but encourage at-home participation and list FLARC affiliation

New Business

Sam KG9NG moved to open nominations for board
Paulette WB9VHF seconded

Thomas AC9CB nominated by Gary KA9SRM, declined

Vice President

Andy AC9CB nominated by Sam KG9NG, accepted

Nicholas KB9SKW nominated by Sam KG9NG, declined

Board Member at Large
Paulette WB9VHF by Sam KG9NG, accepted
Nicholas KB9SKW by Thomas AC9BJ, accepted
Sam KG9NG by Paulette W9VHF, accepted
Thomas AB1YW by Nicholas KB9SKW, accepted

Nominations closed for this month - Nicholas KB9SKW moved, ? seconded


Silent Key
Joe Imilkowski W9CWD has passed. He was quite the character helping with numerous public events using his smart car and motor scooter. His obituary is expected in the next day or so.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51