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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday February 15, 2022 via Zoom

FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday February 15, 2022 via Zoom


Program-    Solar Indices Marc Bellazzini N9WIB

Business Meeting:

Called to order  by: Thomas AC9BJ

Meeting Minutes   recorded by :Carolyn NQ9A

January 18, 2022   minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A


New board members are:

President: Thomas AC9BJ

Secretary: Carolyn NQ9A

Treasurer-Andy AC9CB

Board members-1)Sam KG9NG.   2)Paulette WB9VHF.  3)Nicholas KB9SKW


1)Winter Field Day Operation:

  • Thomas AB1YW  operated 2.5 hours outside at Hoyt Park-15 contacts.    4 POTA hunting contacts-

  • WB9VHF Operated  3 hours 10 contacts     indoor from home
  • Carolyn NQ9A  Operated  8 hours.   114 contacts indoor from home
  • Thomas AC9BJ  Operated most of the  contest time – had 207 contacts. indoor from home

2)Thomas AB1YW POTA  activation k1452- Governor Nelson 2-14-2022 - 19 contacts including 3 park to park  contacts      


Thomas AC9BJ  Wisconsin QSO party  is March 13, 2022  from  1pm to 8 pm CST  (1800Z March 13, 2022  to 0100Z March 14 )

Wisconsin QSO Party Website   Bob W9EWZ  encouraged members to operate.  

Mike KD9BDL Jefferson county swapfest fairgrounds scheduled for March 20th , 2022 may need to change location and date  as they were accidentally  double booked at the Fairgrounds  . The website will have updated information on this change –

Upcoming Meetings/Programs :

  • March 15 ,2022 Meeting Sam KG9NG A Special Event Station for a Caving Convention
  • April 19, 2022 Meeting Rich KG0XO Operating HF From a Small Lot in the Noisy (and Sometimes Crabby) Suburbs.