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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday January 18, 2022 via Zoom

FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday January 18, 2022 via Zoom

Program-    Antique Tube Radio Restoration interfaced with I-devices- blue tooth , I pad, iPhone presented by Phil Carlson WB0CLI 

Business Meeting:

Called to order  by: Thomas AC9BJ

Meeting Minutes   recorded by :Carolyn NQ9A

December 21, 2021   minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A-

Nominations for 2022 FLARC Board of Directors -nominations were completed and approved. Jeff KC9UNZ will obtain the completed ballot from Carolyn NQ9A . Andy AC9CB  will send the list of current FLARC members to Jeff KC9UNZ. Jeff will send a  ballot of the Board of Directors nominees to the current members of FLARC to be  voted on by a date at the end of January ,2022.


President –

Thomas AC9BJ

Vice President-no nominees

Secretary Carolyn NQ0A


Andy AC9CB

Board members-


Paulette WB9VHF

Nicholas KB9SKW

Treasurers’ report from  Andy AC9CB  :no treasurers report  available

Bragging/Activities people have been participating in:

Thomas-AB1YW- Thomas successfully borrowed Nicholas’ antenna for his trip to his parents’ place back in Maine, achieving 2 DX (Canada - POTA activators, French Guiana - TO60CNES special event), POTA Silver Hunter award (20 entities hunted), and POTA New Year hunter award (contact an entity in the first week of the UTC year, done at 2022-01-01 0024Z). For a total of 31 logged contacts at 5W from his FT-818nd.


Thomas W9TDP -The Horribly Hilly Hundreds is scheduled for June 18. Go to dane and look for the Public Service Events, for Horribly Hilly event, Thomas ‘s name is  listed  as the contact  Thomas Pugh W9TDP. There is a hyperlink to his email address so you can volunteer early.

Jeff KC9UNZ-   Jeff, KC9UNZ has set up a Remote RF Linked Repeater with the MARA 147.150 repeater. Internet is not available at the WMTV repeater site and Yaesu provides a way for a remote node to provide internet connectivity for an otherwise unconnected Fusion Repeater. You are invited to connect and experiment with WIRES-X connectivity. Since it is operating in an FM Mode (Not digital) you do not need a WIRES-X radio to connect. The only requirement is a radio that will generate DTMF signals. Please announce that you will be testing WIRES-X so other users are not surprised by the DTMF tones and please read the notes at for further information. Please drop a note to if they are having any trouble or to let us know how it worked for them

Thomas AC9BJ - Winter Field Day is January 29-30 from 1pm CST Saturday to 1pm CST Sunday (1900Z Saturday to 1900Z Sunday).  Winter Field Day Website   

 Members of FLARC will be participating in Winter Field day this year at home. You can list FLARC as your Club on  your Winter Field day log submission listing it as  Four Lakes ARC

Nicholas KB9SKWWisconsin QSO party  is March 13, 2022  from  1pm to 8 pm CST  (1800Z March 13, 2022  to 0100Z March 14 ).   Wisconsin QSO Party Website:

Upcoming Meetings/Programs :

  • February 15, 2022 Meeting Marc N9WIB   Solar Indices
  • March 15 ,2022 Meeting Sam KG9NG Sam KG9NG  A Special Event Station for a Caving Convention
  • April 19, 2022 Meeting Rich KG0XO Operating HF From a Small Lot in the Noisy (and Sometimes Crabby) Suburbs.