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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday March 15, 2022 via Zoom

FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday March 15, 2022 via Zoom

Program-    A Special Event Station for a Caving Convention Sam Rowe KG9NG

Business Meeting:

Called to order  by: Thomas AC9BJ

Meeting Minutes   recorded by :Carolyn NQ9A

February 15 2022   minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A-

Treasurer’s Report: Andy AC9CB. Our current account balance is $7,038.69.  Recent transactions include payment of our liability insurance, dues received and a $600 bequest from Bonnie Bachmann remembering silent key Terry Bachmann.  


FLARC related events coming up or status-

  • Programs - Thomas AC9BJ - Programs -if you have a topic you would like to see presented or you are interested in presenting a programs  you can e-mail  Thomas   
  • VE sessions: Bob WA9D –VE sessions are restarting on April 2  at 8 am . they are taking walk ins .  They will be at UW  Space Place  at 2300 S. Park St . They will the  COVID-19 guidelines in effect at UW space place at that time.
  • Classes: Paulette WB9VHF will be talking to the other instructors and look into having a Technician class at UW Space Place.  BoB WA9D- mentioned if the class is scheduled at the beginning of July or after –there will be new slides for the new Technician class question pool and he is working on them

Terry Bachmann  W9UX. Silent Key - – former FLARC member that retired to Texas is a silent Key

Wi QSO party-Operating

  1. Thomas AB1YW 22 ph Q’s, x2 QRP, x10 location, +500 operating Iowa county; successful activation of park K-1441 and summit W9/WI-010. 940 points
  2. Eldon NK9U.  5-6 hours.  
  3. Thomas AC9BJ 191 contacts 23000 points
  4. Paulette WB9VHF 12 contacts
  5. Carolyn NQ9A 235 contacts 40 m 80 m  SSB  around 23000 points
  6. Sam KG9NG operated

Thomas AB1YW. Discord Server-– Madison Area Hams discord server -. If you need an invite  you can e-mail Marc. N9WIB.  need an invite n9wib – e-mail

Marc N9WIB – has full Tech class lectures on  his  web site

Carolyn NQ9A.    Jefferson Hamfest   is March 27, 2022

Lloyd  N9LB. –Central States convention  -vhf convention lacrosse  July 22-23h Radisson central states VHF - lacrosse , wi

Lloyd N9LB- Spring sprints information for VHF -


    1. 144 MHz Monday April 11, 2022 0700 - 1100 PM Local
    2. 222 MHz Tuesday April 19, 2022 0700 – 1100 PM Local
    3. 432 MHz Wednesday April 27, 2022 0700 – 1100 PM Local
    4. Microwave Saturday May 7, 2022 0800 AM – 0200 PM Local
    5. 50 MHz Saturday May 14, 2022 2300z through Sunday May 15, 2022 0300z

Thomas AC9BJ - KA9YYP  Connie -  is a ham that may come to our meetings in the future  - she wants to upgrade her ham radio knowledge

Upcoming Meetings/Programs :

  • April 19, 2022 Meeting Rich KG0XO Operating HF From a Small Lot in the Noisy (and Sometimes Crabby) Suburbs.