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The following is from Bob, WA9D

I just found this idea suggested online. I am not at all sure how seriously to take it. But in case it might have relevance for you:

  • On the one hand, you probably know, the FCC has done away with the fee for requesting a vanity call sign. (They worked out that it cost them more to process it than they received.)
  • On the other, you may also know, there is under some consideration a move to make your license last as long as you do. Not expiring after 10 years unless you take action. (Unless you expire after 10 years... but is that taking action?) Whether that will happen, whether it would apply to all classes, etc., is unknown.

But putting those together people have pointed out that there might be fewer "desirable" calls available to request: Whoever has the call you would really like might just keep on owning it, whether active as a ham or not. So the suggestion was made, take this with whatever sized grain of salt you might want, that if you anticipate going for a vanity call you might be better off to look for one you like, soon.

I repeat that I have no extra knowledge about what the FCC will do nor about what effect it would have on availability of calls!
Bob ...  WA9D

Further info will be welcomed.   --Ed.