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October 2015, General Membership Meeting

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC at 19:30


Read by Matt NM9O, some updates and corrections.

Treasurer's Report

Joe has had a stroke, and is not available.
He is staying at Attic Angels on Old Sauk Rd, does not have a phone.
Would be happy for a visit, physical therapy in the afternoons.
He is in room 132, 7am - 9pm visitation hours.


Eldon Katrina Special Event station.
W1AW Centennial 50 states.

Upgrades/Call sign changes

Peggy got her callsign, KD9EPI.

VE report

Carolyn NQ9A

Sept 27, 3 tech, 3 general
Oct 3 : 1 general, 1 extra

Next VE Session November 7th.

Field Day

Carolyn NQ9A, FDOPS had a meeting.
Discussed scavenger hunt for Field Day Educational Activity.

Tech class

Tech Class is February 20-21, 2016.


Thomas W9TDP is recruiting for the Madison Marathon, need communicators for November 8th, 6 AM until about 12 noon.
Winter Field Day, Truck from Chocolate Shoppe via Nicholas Kb9SKW.
Behind the fire station in Cambridge, Mike KD9BDL.
Carolyn NQ9A relayed a suggestion to have a repeater NET for newer hams.

Fox Cities ARC Nov 1 Hamfest.
We have 2 tickets.

Hamfest on Oct 31 in Milwaukee.

Old Business
American Legion 481, 5727 W. River Road, Waunakee
Dec 1, cost is $7/person.

New Business

New Bilaws.