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September 2015, General Membership Meeting

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC at 19:30


No corrections or

Jacob, passed license exam, waiting on callsign
Peggy Johnson, passed license exam, waiting on callsign

Stuart and Carolyn NQ9A, participated in NAQP.
Nicholas KB9SKW is now a lifetime member of ARRL.

VE Report

August: 1 tech, 1 general, 1 extra
September: 5 tech, 2 general, 2 extra

Fox Hunt

Field Day

25-26 June, 2016. 4th full weekend of June.

Carolyn NQ9A called to start the reservation process for Badger Prairie Park.

Next FDOPS meeting is Oct 17, 2015.

Tech Class
September 26-27, 2015. There are plenty of spaces open. Information on the website.


Holiday Party ideas:

  • The Vintage, $100/hour, roughly $15/plate.
  • VFW Post 480, potluck or pizza
  • Space Place, potluck or pizza

Thomas AC9BJ makes the motion to have a party, seconded by Betsy WN9GOC.

  • 12 - Vintage
  • 13 - American Legion
  • 8 - UW Space Place

Barry K8SD move to vote between the two main choices, second by Carolyn.

Bob suggested we have the board decide. Matt NM9O made a motion to let the board decide, seconded by Bob WA9D, motion passed.


Spectrum Analyzer for Ham Radio, Barry K8SD.