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January 2015, General Membership Meeting

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC @ 19:32

Treasures Report
$1811.64, 60 members.

Peter AC9FK, Bob AC9KJ
ND9Q, from Sector67 hackerspace.

AC9KJ, turned on his radio! Yaesu mobile.
AC9FK, turned on his radio! Yaesu FT897. Florida and Central Europe as first
two contacts.

VE Report
December VE session: 2 extra, 2 general, 1 tech.

Fox Hunt
Last one was cancelled, this month will probably cancelled as well.

Tech Class
Jan 31, Feb 1, 2015. They have to sign up ASAP.

Announcements and Notices
AC9BJ suggested that Matt NM9O talk about Winter Field Day.
KB9SKW ARRL VHF contest is this weekend.


AC9BJ moved to open nominations, seconded by Betsy WN9GOC
AC9BJ, declined nomination.
Nicholas KB9SKW nominated Barry K8SD for Board at large.
Bob WA9D moved to close, seconded by Barry K8SD.

The results of the election:

President, Frederick W9GOC
Vice President, Ron K2VB
Treasurer, Joe KC9OOG
Secretary, Matt NM9O

Board at Large:
Eldon NK9U
Nicholas KB9SKW

Barry K8SD on the quadplexer used at the last ARRL Field Day.