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September 2014, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick, W9GOC

Motion to ignore the minutes, passed with no objection.

Treasury report

$2,224 , 44 members.

Kevin KD9CCI New technician, from the Tech class.

NQ9A, 2nd Place out of Multi-Transmitter Multi-Operator Fixed for the WI QSO Party.

VE Report
Sept 6: 1 extra, 1 tech, 3 general
Sept 14: 1 extra, 14 tech, 1 general

Fox Hunt
Annual Hunt was last month, instead of the monthly meeting.
Perisi Park was the location of the fox, after 2 hours the traditional and
doppler hunters arrived.

Should be a hunt on the 27th of September at 15:00pm.

Orc Fall Swapfest, Firemans Park in Cedarburg WI, 06:00 to 12:00.
SEWFARS Swapfest,
Reservation for Field Day for 2015 at Badger Prairie Park paid for.
Field Day meeting on Oct 18 @ Culvers.

Nicholas KB9SKW & Thomas AC9BJ drove up to northern MI grid EN67.
Contacted Stoughton on 2M. East Coast, New Mexico on 6M.

Robert KC9RLS worked Japan on 40M SSB.

Buck Night
Picked #7, Nicholas KB9SKW