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May 2014 General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick, W9GOC.


Read by NM9O, one correction

Treasurers Report

$2,366 in the bank and 43 members.


Lyn Peterson, interested in learning more about amateur radio with a goal to be a storm

Eldon is tied at the top for VE Honor Roll for our section.
Betsy WN9GOC had her first HF contact from Dayton, OH to the Badger Weather Net.

VE Report
April 28 General Class: 5 tech, 7 general
May: 2 tech, 2 general, 2 extra

There was not a foxhunt in April, there should be a foxhunt the 4th Saturday
of May. 401 Charmany Rd, Madison, Wi. 15:00 transmitter goes on.

There is someone in the Wisconsin Dells working to setup a foxhunt 'event'.

The Club annual foxhunt is on August 19th.

There should be a technican class in September, date to be determined.

Announcements / notices
Sunday was the date for the birthday of the ARRL.
Tour at the hospital with the ARES group of the UW Hospital on Wednesday.
There is a half marathon this weekend, in Madison.
June 14 is the Horrible Hilly.

Short discussion of what is a public service event and how they function in
regards to amateur radio.

Frederick W9GOC said they had cupcakes!
ARRL did have a lot of activities due to the centenial.

Upcoming Programs

Upgrades and Call Sign Changes
KC9UNZ upgraded to General due to the General Class.
KD9BDL Mike Birches got his technician license.

Carolyns Question of the Day
Field Day is coming up on the 28-29th of June.
Thomas AC9BJ gives a quick overview of what Field Day is.
Nicholas KB9SKW is going to be setting up to handle 70cm, 2M and 6M as well as
a foxhunt at 15:00 CDT.

Side discussion regarding ARES.

Chris Budinger, lunch on Saturday sandwhiches and veggy wrap from the CoOp.
Dinner will be hamburger and veggy chili, veggy skewers.
Breakfast will be left overs or find what you can.
Icecream courtesy of Nicholas and the Chocolate Shop.

Buck Night
KC9OOG recieved a Sacagawea P Dollar.