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March 2014, General Membership Meeting

March General Membership Meeting.

Called to order by Frederick, W9GOC @ 19:30

Read by NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurer's report
$2,572.40, 37 members

Bill KC9TPR, just got a handheld, has some questions.

VE Report - Carolyn NQ9A
March 1: 4 technicians, 2 general
February 23 : 12 technicians, 1 general, 1 extra

Last months, was cancelled. This months would be this Saturday, Brad will be

General Class
April 26 and 27th, 2014.
6 people are signed up, need 2 more to make 8 to make the minimum.

Announcements / notices
MARA Hamfest is April 12

Popular Science has an article this month on repeaters in Mexico.

FDOPS Update
Saturday lunch and dinner, no breakfast on Sunday.
$200 from the club, $7/person to make up the difference.
Carolyn has a sign up sheet.

Vegetarian and Vegan selections
sandwiches, veggie brats
Veggie chili
Veggie kebabs

Barry gave a quick overview of the quadplexer and the multiband dipoles.
In two weeks we will be building the second quadplexer.

Antennas are being finished.

WA9D, instead of building a sound splitter he found one for sale online for
$13, 4 outputs, 1 input. People will still need to bring headphones.

Brad will be the Cat Herder again this year.

Upcoming programs

Buck Night
Steve Shay picked: 22, WN9GOC Eisenhower Silver Dollar.


Field Day is Better with Pi, From AC9BJ