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February 2014, General Membership Meeting

February General Membership Meeting.

Called to order by Frederick, W9GOC @ 19:30

Read by NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurer's report

Lee Logan, interested in becoming a ham, about ready to take the Technician

VE Report - Carolyn NQ9A
Feb 1: 1 Tech, 2 General

Tech Class
Feb 22 and 23

General Class
April 26 and 27

Eldon was recognized as one of the preiminent VEs in QST, VE Honor Roll.

Announcements / notices
FDOPS, food budget changes: $5-10/person.
Jefferson Hamfest, March 16
Stoughton, April 12
AES Hamfest, April 5

Coming Saturday, 4th Saturday of the month, 15:00 the transmitter will turn
on. 401 Charmany St, Madison, WI.

Buck Night
Our guest picked: 16, Eldon Rutherford B. Hayes

WI QSO Party logging.