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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday May 17, 2022 via Zoom

FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday May 17, 2022 via Zoom

Program-    May 17, 2022 Meeting Bruce Richardson W9FZ/R "Getting Started in VHF Roving"

Rover talk Resources:

Power Point

Business Meeting:

Called to order  by: Sam KG9NG

Meeting Minutes   recorded by :Carolyn NQ9A

April 19 2022   minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A-

Treasurer’s Report:. none  


VE session Report for -May 7th,2022  -There very good turnout with 12 people coming to take tests with licensed issued for Technician, general and extra -Several people passed both their Technician and General tests.

Classes: There will be a Technician Class held - Saturday August 6th and  Sunday August 7th with a VE session after  contact Paulette Quick WB9VHF

Announcements :

Public Service Events:   

Horribly Hilly Hundred biking event  on June 18, 2022  -Tom W9TDP still looking for a couple ham radio operators  for communications-  contact Tom Pugh W9TDP:

 Upcoming hamfests –You  can look online for the ARRL upcoming hamfests:

Upcoming Conventions:

Central States convention  -VHF  convention Lacrosse, WI   July 22-23h

Dayton  Hamvention

  • Four Days in May QRP at the Dayton Hamvention May 20-22, Dayton, Ohio
  • Contest University at the Dayton Hamvention  Thursday May 18th from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Madison Area Hams Discord Server -. If you need an invite you can e-mail Marc. N9WIB. 

Upcoming FLARC Meetings and Programs Scheduled for 2022 :

June  21, 2022 Fox hunt on foot –No general meeting this month . There will be a fox hunt on foot at Badger Prairie Park lead by Nicholas Lager KB9SKW . Two transmitters will be hidden.

July 19 2022 Meeting –- Program :Portable operating  Presenters : Kevin Shea  N9JKP, Chuck  Cushing K9KNR and  Thomas  Murphy AB1YW will talk about their portable operating  

August 16, 2022 -Annual Fox Hunt -in cars-  no general meeting this month