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December 2017, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:31 by Frederick W9GOC


Read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report

John McIntyre KD9IQC, has his technician license and looking for a general class.
Paulette WB9VHF will collect his information and keep in contact.

Carolyn NQ9A worked the 10M contest, went to Steve N9CK QTH, got 36 contacts in 4 hours.
Band conditions were really challenging. Lots of South American contacts, not much from Europe.

VE Report
December: 5 tech, 1 general, 1 Extra
Next VE session is January 6, and Carolyn NQ9A will be leading.

Waukesha Ham Fest is January 6, doors open at 08:00AM, until around 12:00.
Winter Field Day at the end of January.
Possibly February for Tech Class, sometime in May for General Class.

4 Days in May, is an addition to the Dayton Hamvention. Paulette WB9VHF was an early organizer. Thursday presentations from QRP people. Vendors night, kit radios for sale, and a dinner on Saturday with a speaker.

Winter Field Day, end of January, Christiana Township.

Holiday Party was earlier this month. Several people liked the location and the mobility.

Election Nominations
President: W9GOC, AC9BJ
Vice President: AC9BJ, K2VB
Treasurer: KC9OOG
Secretary: NM9O

Upcoming Programs
Review of CHIRP and programming radios.

Buck Night
Ken KC9SVS wins an Abraham Lincoln.

Ingrid Kallick KD9IYX, Science Olympiad in schools. There are about 20 events for 2-4 students.
They have a radio event this year. Looking for someone to run a test event for radio, Feb 24th, at Hamilton Middle School. Hill Farms neighborhood.