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April 2016, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:32 by Frederick W9GOC

Read by Matt NM9O Corrected callsign for KD9VDT

Treasurers Report
$2612.81, 40 members

WA9KQ Matt former member.
Bernard and driver from Los Angeles KG6FBM
Paul N9VWH

Bragging Opportunites / Upgrades / Callsign Upgrades
Carlie KD9CZG heard Angola on SWL ??

Joe KC9OOG seems to be making progress, recovery is slow. He is walking with a cane.

VE Report
Carolyn NQ9A, 2 x Tech, 1 General, 1 Extra
3 x tech, 2 x general,
There were quite a few people that did not pass at the VE session at the MARA hamfest.
12 tests taken, 10 passed eventually.
There were 6 VE's at the MARA hamfest

There was not a foxhunt last month, there will not be one this month.

Class Announcements
There is a class on April 23-24, 2016 there is a VE session on Sunday.
Sarahelizabeth will be stepping down as the coordinator for classes, so there is an opportunity for someone else to step into that role.

Announcements and Notices
Tour de Cure is next month, May 21, 2016.
Crazy Legs is April 30, 2016 they do need one more operator, contact Paul N9VWH (608) 205-1994.
There is a hamfest in Cederberg on April 30.
Aurora16 - Northern Lights Radio Society,
Betsy WN9GOC will be picking stuff up at Dayton if anyone wants FD gear from the ARRL booth.

MARA hamfest about the same attendance, sold 124 tables. Made about $70 in donations for coffee.
There was a radio stolen, it was an ICOM 50th Anniversary edition radio.
One of the MARA repeaters was being jammed over the weekend as well.

Carolyn NQ9A looking to start collecting money for food $7/person for dinner Saturday night.
We will have coffee and donuts. Betsy WN9GOC will be making 'something' that goes in a crock pot.
Matt NM9O gave a quick recap of our Field Day operation for the benefit of our visitors.

Buck Night
Eldon wins a James Madison.

Demonstration of Matt NM9O Forty-9er + Arduino VFO