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March 2016, General Membership Meeting

Called to order by Frederick W9GOC at 19:30

Read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.
Callsign correction for Stuart, AC9LZ.

*Treasurers Report*

N9VWH Paul
Steve KB9RZP
Nathan KC9WHJ

*Upgrades/Call sign changes*
Paul N9VWH upgraded to General recently, as did Matt KB9VZT.

*VE Report*
Carolyn NQ9A: 2 extra
If you have an expired license, there is now a process to recover your previous license level by passing the technician test.

There is not a foxhunt this month.

*Field Day Status*
April 9th is the next FDOPS meeting at Culver's on Todd Dr.
We have our overnight parking permits and our reservation.
Now requiring documentation for our liability insurance.

*Upcoming Classes*
April 23-24, 2016 is the General Class, with a VE session to follow.
Carolyn NQ9A asked if the class will be listed on the ARRL website.

*Announcements and Notices*
Upcoming hamfest in Jefferson on March 20, doors open at 08:00.
April 16 the MARA Hamfest in Stoughton, there are still tables available. 40+ tables already sold.
If you would like to volunteer for the Stoughton hamfest, contact Jeff KC9UNZ.

We will be clearing out email addresses not associated with an active member in the last year.

*Buck Night*
Steve KB5RZP picked 13, which was Betsy WN9GOC

Recap of WI QSO Party, NPOTA and Forty-9er Kit