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December 2015, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurers report

Shawn KB9MDB, originally from Rockford. Nicholas KB9SKW dragged him here, arm was twisted.
Don W9DRR, engineer for Wisconsin Public Radio, one of his coworkers is now a tech, Britney.

Sarahelizabeth will be getting hooded and robed for her Masters Degree.

Nicholas KB9SWK worked the ARRL 10 meter contest, most of his contacts were outside of the USA.
He worked about 3 hours total, 15 contacts. He was using a 5/8 10M vertical and a dipole, the vertical at 10 feet worked better than the dipole at 20 feet.

There is a hellschreiber contest coming up this weekend, Brad WB9WHI suggested using a sound card and computer.

Carolyn NQ9A, 2014 10M SSB, won first place SSB from WI with 4000 points, maybe 30 contacts.

Douglas ND9Q received the trophy for the annual fox hunt.

Callsign changes/upgrades
Mike KD9BDL is now an extra.

VE Report
Carolyn NQ9A: 3 extra and 3 tech

Fox Hunt
There will not be a fox hunt this month.

Field Day
There will be a meeting Saturday January 9, 2016 at 10:00AM at Culvers on Todd Dr.
Matt NM9O discussed current plans and antennas.

Tech Class
Feb 20-21, 2016 @ UW Space Place. VE Session at 15:30.
General Class a few months later, date to be determined, probably April.

January 9th, Hamfest in Waukesha.

Thomas AC9BJ moves to open nominations, seconded by Nicholas KB9SKW.

President: Frederick W9GOC nominated by Sarahelizabeth, Eldon NK9U by Matt NM9O
Vice President: K2VB nominated by W9GOC, Gary KA9SRM by Matt NM9O
Secretary: NM9O by KB9SKW
Treasurer: KC9OOG by Gary KA9SRM

Members at Large:
Stuart AC9LZ nominated by Matt NM9O
Doug ND9Q nominated by Thomas AC9BJ
Bob AC9KJ nominated by NQ9A
Peggy KD9EPI nominated by Thomas AC9BJ

Bob WA9D moves to table nominations until the next meeting.

Buck Night
Carolyn NQ9A was awarded a Fillmore.