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March 2015, General Membership Meeting

Called to order @ 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Minutes read by Matt NM9O, no additions or corrections.

Treasurers Report
6 new members, 31 total. $2141.64 in the bank.
We have a new liability insurance policy, same price as previous with a new organization.

Steve Miller, Wanakee, KB5RZP, Jackson, MS, been inactive since 1998.
KB1NQB, Mt. Horeb, participated with us during Field Day this past June.

Bragging and Contests
WI QSO Party, multiple members participated.

Upgrades or Call Sign Changes
Brad upgraded to Extra in October, this is the first meeting he has made.

VE Report
1 tech, 1 general, 1 extra

Upcoming VE sessions at the MARA Ham Fest, and April 26 for the General Class.

Field Day Announcements
June 27-28th, 2015. Jeff is doing publicity, newspapers, radio, etc.
Carolyn NQ9A will be collecting money, $7/person for meals for Field Day.

Announcements and Notices
Madison DX Club scholarship, Madison DX club is accepting
Robert Huntington KC9RLS passed away, memorial service this Sunday, probably Quaker service,
First Unitarian Church, Madison. Chris brought newspapers.

Kathy KB9UAZ, retiring in 2 years, she is looking for Hams to help with 3 events.

New Business
Chris, AmazonSmile, need to be a non-profit, so tabled for now.

Fox Hunt
There was one last month, Brad hid, Thomas found him.
KB9SKW should be hiding this month on the 28th.
Starts at 15:00, 401 Charmony Lane.

Pixie2 QRP Transciever.

Buck Night
Steve KB1NQB, picked 13, John