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October 2014, General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:32 by Frederick W9GOC

Minutes read by Matt NM9O

Skipping treasurers report due to lack

Jim KB9SSI, former member.

Carolyn NQ9A, IARU World HF Championship, 18 months ago, multi operator winner for WI.

Callsign Changes & Upgrades
Brad WB9WHI upgraded to Extra.

Next week is CQ WW SSB.
Bob WA9D brought some surplus heavy wire in.
Eldon and Bob WA9D went and gave a presentation on Morse Code. Original Elmer W9DY was there, has had a stroke and cannot operate from his current QTH.
Thomas W9TDP November 9th is the Madison Marathon, needs operators at the water stations, contact him either in person or on the QST list.
We are looking to operate for Winter Field Day at Gov. Dodge State Park.
The Holiday Party is Dec 2, doors open around 18:00, food should arrive at 19:00.

VE Report
Correction for September: 13 tech, 1 general, 1 extra
October: 1 tech, 1 extra
August: 1 general, 1 extra
Upcoming Tech Class, confirming availability of Space Place before announcing the date.