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FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday November 16, 2021 via Zoom

FLARC General Meeting Minutes Tuesday November 16, 2021 via Zoom

Program:  Update on Activities in Dane County ARES

Presenter Jeff Fillian KC9UNZ Dane County ARES Emergency Coordinator


Business Meeting:

Called to order  by: Thomas AC9BJ

Meeting Minutes  recorded by :Carolyn NQ9A

October 19  2021  minutes read by: Carolyn NQ9A-call sign corrections made for AB1YW AND WN9GOC

 Treasurers’ report from  Andy AC9CB  :Andy presented the budget for 2022 and it will be voted on to be approved at the next month at the Dec.21, 2021 meeting .FLARC account balance : $6499.66 .Recent transactions include  dues received.


David- Manning  KD9TRV: David  recently started hiking/backpacking and intends to use his  newly acquired technician license and  equipment for communications while on the trail., and asked members to share any suggestions that would help him get started with doing this  



1)Christmas Party – It was announced that the board voted that we would not have a Christmas party this year due to continuing high  numbers of Covid-19 infections, and hospitals are operating at near capacity .

2) “Special optional attire “ for the December 21, 2021 meeting -in honor of the holiday season members are invited to wear silly hats, or ugly sweaters during the Zoom meeting

3)Reminder for quorums needed at the next two meetings. - -A membership quorum will be needed at the Dec.21,2021 meeting  to vote on the budget and  one will also be needed at the January 18,2022 meeting to vote for the Board of Directors for 2022.  Members asked to attend if they can to help meet the quorum. 

Upcoming Meetings/Programs :

  • December 21, 2021 meeting – No program scheduled . 1)We will vote on the budget presented in November 2)We will have nominations for the 2022 FLARC Board of Directors
  • January 18, 2022. Meeting –1)Program : Antique Tube Radio Restoration interfaced with I-devices- blue tooth , I pad, iPhone. Presenter Phil Carlson WB0CLI .  2)Complete nominations for the 2022 FLARC Board of Directors and vote 
  • February 15, 2022 Meeting Program :APRS and TNC Presenter: Marc Bellazzini N9WIB
  • March 15 ,2022 Meeting Program :Caving and  Ham Radio Sam Rowe KG9NG