Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - The FLARC account at M&I was converted to an organizational account, which isn’t interest bearing, but prevents FLARC from having to additional fees.

Guests - Reum Currie KC9VOQ

Upgrades - Dale AC9BN has upgraded to Extra. His previous call was KC9VNQ.

Awards - Lloyd N9LB won first place in WI for SSB Low Power in the 2011 ARRL International DX contest.

VE Report - 3 Techs, 1 General, and 4 Extra, As well as 12 Techs, 3 Generals, 2 Extras during the test after the Tech class.

Foxhunt - No foxhunt in February, and Thomas KE6CBR will be out of town for this month’s foxhunt as well.

General Class - The General class is on May 12th and 13th. Interested people can register from the FLARC home page.

Announcements and Notices - The MARA Ham Fest is April 14th at the Mandt Community Center in Stoughton.

Madison DX Club Scholarship - There will be a table at the MARA ham fest taking both equipment and monetary donations.

Old Business - The January FLARC election was not compliant with the FLARC bylaws, due to 4 board members being elected to 3 defined board positions. There will be an election at next month’s meeting, nominations are open until then.

President: Thomas AC9BJ
Vice-President: Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary/Web Master: Joe W9YHF
Treasure: Joe KC9OOG
Board: Bob KC9RLS, Thomas AC9BJ, Dan AB9LQ, Betsy WN9GOC

FLARC will have a table at AES Superfest March 30th and 31st.

Tonight’s presentation was by Gary Cannalte, Chief Meteorologist from Channel 3.

Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasure's Report - The treasurer is out of town. The FLARC account is at M&I Bank, which has been absorbed by a larger bank which wants to charge higher monthly rates. If they won’t lower their rates FLARC will be transferring its money elsewhere.

Guests - D.J. Nephew is visiting and interested in becoming a ham. Tyler KB9OGA is visiting to check out the club.

Upgrades - Robert KC9RLS upgraded his license to Extra.

VE Report - 1 Tech and 1 Extra. The Technician class is this coming weeked, with a VE session at 3:30 following after the class.

Foxhunt - Brad WB9WHI hid in the parking lot of the Hobby Lobby, Thomas KE6CBR found him in about 40 minutes. If there are people interested in a foxhunt this Saturday, please contact KE6CBR.

VE Classes - There will be a Technician class this weekend starting at 8:00am, and a General class this May 12th and 13th.

Announcements and Notices - AES has offered FLARC a table at AES Superfest on March 30th and the 31st. Thomas KE6CBR offered to spend an hour at a FLARC table on Saturday if there is enough interest from the group to run a table.

MARA Hamfest is looking for volunteers to work one or two hours at the event. Volunteers will be given free admission and a meal ticket. If you are interested, please contact Carolyn NQ9A. The MARA Hamfest will be April 14th at the Mandt Community Center in Stoughton.

The Quadrupedal is on Sunday May 6th, if you are interested in helping with radio communications at this bike event please contact Carolyn NQ9A or Don W9IXG.

The Jefferson Hamfest is Sunday March 18th from 8:00 to 12:00.

Field Day - If you are interested in participating in Field Day, please sign up with Carolyn at a FLARC meeting. If you don’t have equipment available, it’s likely that equipment can be provided for you.

Bucknight - NQ9A

Tonight’s presentation was by Thomas/KE6CBR, discussing his through-the-roof mobile direction-finding antenna installation

Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $2,766 and 21 members

Guests - No guests present

Contests & Awards - The ARRL VHF Contest is this coming weekend, starting at 1:00pm Saturday, 6M and up. Carolyn worked the RTTY roundup contest, using N1MM. Thomas KE6CBR and Nicholas KB9SKW participated in the Boyscouts of America event in Poinette, making a contact to New Mexico. Eldon N9KU became the first person in Wisconsin to officiate 200 VE sessions.

VE Report - 2 Extras, 1 General (update per pre-1987 rule), and 2 Techs.

Fox hunt - The 28th of January there will be a foxhunt at 3:00pm at 401 Charmany Dr. Brad WB9WHI will be the fox.

Carolyn’s Question of the Day - Carolyn asked what programs members would be interested in seeing at future meetings. Past suggested topics were radio interfacing digital modes, a QA session to ask ham questions with the group, and likes and dislikes of your new ham gear.

Lloyd volunteered to present the how and why of QSL collecting.

Carolyn suggested a program on software defined radio, Barry offered to present.

Tech Class - There will be a Tech class at Space Place on February 25th and 26th. Please contact Sara Elizabeth to sign up for the class. Her contact information, as well as fliers that can be printed, can be found on the FLARC home page.


President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary/Web Master: Joe W9YHF
Treasure: Joe KC9OOG
Board: Bob KC9RLS, Thomas KE6CBR, Lloyd N9LB, Dan AB9LQ

KA9D made a motion to close nominations and accept as is, motion seconded by K8RZA. Motion passed unopposed.

Field Day - Carolyn discussed this years Field Day plans. Nicholas KB9SKW opted for 6M. This year we’ll be looking at moving the antennas used for lower frequencies further away from the shelter in order to attempt to reduce interference. Field Day will be the 23rd and 24th of June.

Buck Night - AB9LQ

Announcements - The Capital City Ham Fest will be February 11th at the Memorial Church on Lacy Rd, starting at 9:00am.

Tonight’s presentation was a group show-and-tell.

Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $2946, with 53 members for 2011, and 14 members already signed up for 2012.

Guests - Howard KC9VAZ, John W4PAH

Contests and Awards - 2011 CQ Worldwide 160 DX Single Operator CW Low Power: K9AY won first place with 259,000 points. N9CK received second place with 126,000. Ted won in the assisted category with 81,000. Lloyd N9LB received 24,000 points in SSB Single Operator Low Power.

VE Report - 2 Techs and 1 Extra. The next exam session is January 7th. The next Technician class is scheduled for February 25th and 26th.

Repeater News - EchoLink is active on the BARS 443.6 repeater, as well as the Pine Bluff 145.37 repeater.

Old Business - We are still waiting on the non-penetrating roof mounts, as well as building management approval. There is currently satellite and tri-band yagi antennas that are on the roof but not yet mounted. We’ll need to purchase the non-penetrating roof mounts, which are estimated to cost around $1,000. Sara Elizabeth WA9SE made a motion to cover the cost of the non-penetrating mount using some of the remaining $1,800 approved for the antenna conduit and related expenses, seconded by Bob KC9RLS. Motion passed without opposition.

New Business - Joe KC9OOG presented the proposed 2012 budget. Sara Elizabeth WA9SE suggested delaying the addition of a $5 fee for the VE classes until 2013, if adding it at all. The addition of a fee would create additional confusion as the VE leadership is changing next year. She also commented that the $5 fee could reduce the number participants.

Carolyn NQ9A agreed that more time would be beneficial, especially since class sizes may be smaller as new VE leadership works out the best ways to promote the classes.

Joe KC9OOG suggested waiting to implement the fee until after the February Tech class, but to then implement it next year after February.

John W4PAH suggested we keep the $5 fee, but also have the fee cover the cost of a one year FLARC membership.

Motion was made by Bob KC9RLS and seconded by Thomas KE6CBR to increase the member dues to $25. After discussion of possible other means to help balance the budget, Ted K9IMM called the question. The motion passed with 9 agreed and to 4 opposed. Thomas KE6CBR moved to look into other locations that would be less expensive than Capital Brewery to host the holiday party, Bob WA9D seconded. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Lloyd N9LB made a motion to not add a fee to the VE classes for the next year, seconded by Sara Elizabeth WA9SE. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Sara Elizabeth WA9SE made a motion to change the line items for the tech & general class from $100 to $330 to match last year’s expenses, seconded by N9LB, called by Thomas KE6CBR. Motion passed unopposed.

Ted moved to accept the amended budget as proposed, Nicholas KB9SKW seconded. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Buck Night - KC9OOG

Fox Hunt - The November foxhunt took place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. WB9WHI was the Fox, Chris and Thomas KE6CBR found him in 42 minutes, near the airport. The next hunt will be the 4th Saturday of January at 3:00pm at 401 Charmany Dr.


President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary/Web Master: Joe W9YHF
Treasure: Joe KC9OOG
Board: Bob KC9RLS, Thomas KE6CBR, Lloyd N9LB, Bob WA9D, Dan AB9LQ

Meeting was called to order W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - FLARC spent $1,000 towards the Space Place antenna project. There will be additional payments, but nowhere near the $2,800 maximum expenses approved. $2641 in money market, $339 in checking. 51 member.

Guests - No guests tonight.

Contests and Awards - Lloyd N9LB just received some ARRL wallpaper for WI State VHF/UHF contests that occured last year.

VE Report - 3 Generals, 1 was an upgrade from a 1987 Tech Plus license, and the other two took the test.

Announcements - Last month’s foxhunt went as planned. The next hunt is planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 401 Charmany Dr. Contact Thomas KE6CBR for more information.

New Business - Joe KC9OOG presented the proposed 2012 FLARC budget. In order to help balance the budget, he recommended to increase member dues from $20 to $25 a year. He also recommended charging $10 for the holiday party, and $5 for the Tech & General classes.

Bob WA9D made a motion to table the proposal, Thomas KE6CBR seconded.

The FLARC holiday party is on December 6th at Capital Brewery. Doors open at 6:00pm.

FLARC nominations will take place during the December meeting.

Buck Night - W9NSL

Tonight’s presentation was by Lloyd N9LB on CW techniques for non-CW operators.

Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $1439 in checking, $2641 in money market, 51 members

Guests - Mark KC9HAM, who has moved to the Madison area recently. Clive K9FWF, who will be returning to Florida ahead of the Wisconsin winter.

Awards and Contests - The T32C dxpedition at Christmas Island is on the air until October 25th.

Upgrades and Callsign changes - Thomas KE6CBR’s wife Johnna just received her call sign - KC9UTJ.

VE Report - Lot of VEs were here for this months license tests, however there were no test takers this month.

Carolyn’s Question of the Day - Carolyn raised the question if anybody had presentations they’d like to see. Thomas KE6CBR suggested a presentation on radio interfacing for digital modes. There was also discussion as to having general QA sessions among the group, as well as having people discuss what they like and don’t like about new ham gear they acquire. Lloyd N9LB offered to do a presentation on “CW for people who don’t like CW”.

Announcements and Notices - The next foxhunt will be this Saturday at 3:00pm. The starting location has been moved to the First Business Bank building at 401 Charmany Dr, across the road from Garner Park.

New Business - MARA will have a meeting discussing D-STAR November 14th at 7:30 at the Space Place.

Old Business - Per the FLARC bylaws, the motion to cover expenses for the Space Place antenna conduit up to $2,800, after the $1,300 Space Place fund is spent, needed to be tabled for a month before it could be voted on. Lloyd N9LB made a motion to un-table the motion, Gary KA9SRM seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

FLARC hopes to get some antennas put up before winter. Antenna installation is pending approval of the planned antenna layout from the building landlord. The roof has a rubber lining, so non-penetration mounts will be needed for the antennas.

New Business - The Holiday Party will be December 6th at the Capital Brewery. Doors open at 6:00pm.

Buck Night - WA9D

Tonight's presentation was by Joe W9CWD on “E-Bikes - Lessons Learned Developing and Building A TRI-bred Vehicle”

Meeting was called to order by W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report – Checking: $1340, Money Market: $2641, 51 members.

Guests – Clive K9FWF, who is visiting from Florida, Joe W9CWD, and Tom, who just earned his tech license and is awaiting his callsign.

Awards and Contests – Lloyd N9LB received a first place award from the ARRL for the 2010 Wisconsin section 2m/432 contest.

VE Report – August 6th: 5 techs, September 3rd: 3 techs and 1 extra, September 17th and 18th: 6 techs, 2 generals, and 1 extra.

Foxhunt – late start due to the original location being un-hearable from the starting location. Brad WB9WHI was the first to find the fox, taking 23 minutes.

Repeater News – MARA D-STAR 440 is close to being up and running.

Tech Class – The next Tech class is planned for February, the exact date has not been set yet.

New Business – Jim Lattis presented the latest information about the antenna conduit, which has been installed to allow feed lines to be run to the roof from the radio room in Space Place. The total cost of the installation was $2836, with $1300 available in a Space Place account available specifically for ham radio costs. Because FLARC is the other group which will be using the conduit, there was discussion regarding what FLARC is able to contribute, both financially as well as through experience in helping to run the feed lines and antennas. Space Place has radios, a pyramidal Glen Martin tower, azimuth rotator, HF yagi, a few VHF and UHF antennas, coax cable, and some odds and ends such as connectors.

Thomas KE6CBR reported on the boards proposal that FLARC pays for the remainder of the cost, up to $2,800, to cover expenses beyond the $1,300 that Space Place will be contributing. Lloyd N9LB made a motion to accept this proposal, and Gary KA9SRM seconded. Motion passed with no “nays”.

Buck Night - WA9CBR

Tonight’s presentation was by Phil WB0CLI on restoring vintage radio gear.

Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report: checking: $1739, money market: $2640, 49 members.

Guests: Matt KC9ULS, who just earned his license at the last VE session.

Awards and Contests: Lloyd N9LB made 146 QSOs in the CQ World Wide VHF contest.

VE Report: 2 techs earned their license at the last VE session.

Foxhunt: The next monthly will be this coming Saturday the 23rd at 2:45 at Garner Park. The fox has not yet been determined.

Next month will be the annual FLARC foxhunt instead of the general meeting, starting at 7:00pm at Garner Park.

Repeater news: MARA’s 2m D-STAR repeater is operating, it is not known if the 440MHz D-STAR repeater has began operating.

Classes: The next Technician class will be September 17th and 18th. Please contact Frederick to register or for more information.

Announcements and Notices: Correction to the Feedline: BARS has its repeater back online, 443.600 MHz PPL 123. (CORRECTION: per Tim WO9U, "the BARS 443.600 repeater has never been off the air since it was powered up. The BARS 146.685 repeater is back on the air but may be subject to downtime as we work to improve the installation and hardware."

Field Day: Participation was better than average, and everybody involved reported having a great time this year. Thanks to a new site layout there was more participation of people between stations. There was discussion on alternative locations for next year’s Field Day, the consensus among members present was to continuing using Badger Prairie Park. Ideas for alternative or backup sites are welcome.

Committees: FLARC has two committees available for anybody interested: a Membership Enhancement Committee, and a Programs Committee. Please contact Thomas KE6CBR for more information or to join a committee.

Buck Night: KC9ULS

Tonight’s program was by Lloyd N9LB on stealth antennas.

Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Carolyn showed off the 2011 Field Day merchandise.

Guests - Blake Johnson KC9CHL, who was previously a member is returning after completing his schooling at Purdue, and Chris Budinger W9NSL, who just earned his license and is becoming a member of FLARC.

Treasurer’s Report - Checking - $1750, Money Market - $2650, with 46 members.

Upgrades - Kathy KB9UAZ upgraded to Extra.

VE Report - First Saturday we had 1 general and 1 tech, with an additional 6 generals who earned their license at the general class.

Announcements - Kathy KB9UAZ presented information on the bike events she helps organize. Anybody interested in volunteering to provide ham support for any of the events can find more information at

Old Business - n/a

New Business - n/a

Field Day - Carolyn NQ9A provided information about the upcoming Field Day event, which will be June 25th and 26th at Badger Prairie Park. Setup will begin at 8:00am. Information will be posted on the website regarding which bands have been reserved and by whom. There will be a GOTA station for people who are interested in getting on the radio without setting up a station. Questions can be directed to Carolyn (

Our next FLARC meeting with be at the Field Day Site at Badger Prairie Park in Verona. The meeting will be at 7:00 instead of the usual 7:30 meeting time.

Repeater News - The duplexer has been replaced on the BARS repeater, which should now be functioning again. CWRA is starting their swap net on Sunday mornings at 11:00 on the 88 repeater.

Foxhunt - There was a foxhunt last month on the 4th Saturday of the month. Nicolas was the fox, and was hiding on Governor’s Island. The next hunt will be May 28th at 3:00 starting at Garner Park.

Buck night - AB9RR

Tonight’s presentation was on Weak Signal Propagation Reporting by Steve Brist AB9RR

Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasure’s Report - Money Market $2640, Checking $1632, Total $4322. 37 members.

Guests - Scott KC9TTF

Awards and Callsign Changes - No awards or callsign changes this month, however several members participated in the Wisconsin QSO party.

VE Report - March session we had 1 technician who earned their license at the beginning of the month, and 21 new technicians during the tech class.

Foxhunt - there was a foxhunt last month. Brad WB9WHI hid in the parking lot at the Willy St co-op. The next hunt is March 26th starting at Garner park 3:00pm.

Repeater News - The BARS repeater has been taken down due to interference problems. The BARS echolink repeater 443.6 MHz will be participating in the Echolink conference on Fridays at 7:00-9:00pm. The conference number is 213284. More information can be found at

New business - n/a

Old business - n/a

Buck night - N9WAY

Tonight’s presentation was by Anton N9WAY, who present the yagi antenna that was constructed mostly from PVC for last year's Field Day.