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Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting 3rd Tuesday of the month via Zoom

Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club Monthly Meeting via Zoom

Tuesday May 17, 2022 7:30 pm CDT  

  Order of the meeting:

  • Program-- Bruce Richardson K9FZ/R  Getting Started in VHF Roving
  • Brief Business Meeting
  • General Q&A Discussion

If you are interested in coming to the meetings  that we have on Zoom - and you are not a member –Please e-mail Paulette WB9VHF at and she will send you a link

 Previous recordings of programs available – Please e-mail Carolyn NQ9A at  Programs available include:

March 15 ,2022 Meeting   Sam KG9NG   An Amateur Radio  Special Event Station for a Caving Convention

April 19, 2022 meeting Rich KG0XO Operating HF From a Small Lot in the Noisy (and Sometimes Crabby) Suburbs.