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FLARC Annual Fox Hunt Tuesday August 17, 2021 7:00 pm: On Foot Fox Hunt at Garner Park

FLARC’s Annual Fox Hunt –Tuesday  Aug 17 , 2021 7:00 pm: On Foot Fox Hunt

  • On Foot Fox Hunt at  Garner Park 333 S. Rosa Rd Madison, WI 53705
  • Mathew KD9DZT winner of the 2019 Fox Hunt will be the fox and hide the transmitter
  • Will meet in the park shelter at 7:00 pm 
  • Note :There is no regular FLARC meeting this month due to the Fox Hunt!
  • Communication via 2m simplex
  • Bring fox hunting equipment if you have it  if you have it. If you don’t , we will be organizing small groups of hunters .
  • Please wear face masks

If you are interested in coming to the meetings  that we have on Zoom -(not this August, as we have the Fox hunt ) and you are not a member –Please e-mail Paulette WB9VHF at and she will send you a link

 Previous recordings of programs available – Please e-mail Carolyn NQ9A at

April Meeting Program on NanoVNA- presented by Nick N9STF

March meeting Program on WSPR -presented by Bob KA5MIZ