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October 2013 General Membership Meeting

Called to order at 19:30

Officers Attending

Frederick W9GOC, President
Nicholas, Vice President
Matt NM9O, Secretary
Joe KC9OOG, Treasurer
Betsy WN9GOC, Director at Large
Bob WA9D, Director at Large
Lloyd N9LB, Director at Large


Read by Matt NM9O, no additions


Jacob WQ9U, former BARS president.
Nick, took tech class and passed.
Clive, Summer visitor, heading back to Orlando.
Marwyn, W9JY former mstrongber.

Awards & Contests

Thomas was able to talk to Washington, DC on 2M simplex.

VE Report

The Technician Class held in Septstrongber 16 tech class students. 1 general
October 2 general

Carolyn's Question

None, they are all answered.

Announcements and Notices


  • Tech Class Feb 22-23, 2014.
  • General Class April 26-27, 2014.

W9TDP, Nov 10 Madison Marathon. Mainly for 18 water stations.
7am - 14pm

Thomas AC9BJ is giving a presentation on Nov 12 at Hidden Valley in
Platteville on Foxhunting.

QST and CQ magazines available in the back.

Novstrongber 9, 10AM is the next FDOPS meeting at Pancake Cafe.

Budd turned 90 last week.


4th Saturday, Thomas AC9BJ went looking for Brad WB9WHI, found him after 40

Upcoming 4th Saturday, of October.


Don W9IXG on Antenna Modelling using EZNEC