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2013 September Monthly Fox Hunt Results

Teams Participating:

  • Thomas AC9BJ

Brad WB9WHI hid in the parking lot at Warner Park.  The hunt began at 15:01 local time.

After a delightful detour through the UW-Madison campus, Brad was located at 15:42.

We adjourned to the Culver’s on Northport Drive to enjoy some lunch, some frozen custard, and to swap lies.

The next hunt will be October 26th at 15:00.  Gather in First Business Bank parking lot, 401 Charmany Drive (just southwest of the intersection of Mineral Point Road and South Whitney Way), at the east end of the parking lot.

1 thought on “2013 September Monthly Fox Hunt Results

  1. mtalbert


    I'll assume this headline at the ARRL website will effect those who passed their license exam 9/29?

    FCC: “We Regret the Disruption.” Commission Shutdown Now Appears Complete

    "Assistant ARRL VEC Manager Perry Green, WY1O, said earlier today that the FCC appeared to have accepted “a small number” of modification and renewal applications, apparently as the shutdown was in process, but it took “far longer than usual” for that to happen. The ARRL VEC did not attempt to file additional applications, and it will hold for filing any applications resulting from Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiner-administered examination sessions."

    More info available at:

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