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July 2013 General Membership Meeting

Frederick called to order @ 19:30.

Officers Present
President, Frederick W9GOC
Vice President, Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary, Matt KC9ULS
Director, Betsy WN9GOC
Director, Bob WA9D

Debra, KC9ZDU, came to Field Day.

Awards & Contest:
NM9O, 20M high score from WI for the VA QSO party.

The Wisconsin QSO party results are published.

Caroyln NQ9A, from home, using attic antenna, 75 contacts, CW and SSB.
Ed AC9DE, 242 contacts, 200 on CW, 42 on SSB. Had issues with logging to get the correct score.

Chuck brought up the possibility of a club award for decoding CW posted to the website.

Upgrades or Callsign changes:
KC9ULS changed to a vanity call of NM9O.

VE Report:
June 1: 2 Tech, 1 General, 1 Extra
July 6: 3 Tech

Nicholas KB9SKW ran a foxhunt on Field Day. 4-5 participants. About 30 minutes, on foot around the park.
For the May Foxhunt Nicholas hid in a park, barely audible from the start point.
Upcoming Foxhunt in August, replaces the monthly meeting, starts at 19:00.
Transmitter to be within an 8 mile radius of the start point.
There is a July foxhunt on the 4th Saturday of July at 15:00.

The start point is the east end of the parking lot of the First Business Bank building, 401 Charmany Drive, just southwest of Mineral Point Road and Whitney Way.

Carolyns question of the Day:
Asked Nicholas to talk about the FB page for FLARC.

FLARC Facebook page

September Tech Class:
This class is Sat & Sun September 28&29, 8am-5pm 2013.
2300 S. Park Street, in the Villager Mall lower level.
For more information, see the flyer: Google Docs Flyer

Upcoming Hamfest:
Baraboo Hamfest,

A review and discussion of ARRL Field Day, moderated by Thomas AC9BJ.