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May 2013 General Membership Meeting

Frederick called to order @ 19:30.

Officers Present
President, Frederick W9GOC
Vice President, Nicholas KB9SKW
Treasurer, Joe KC9OOG
Secretary, Matt KC9ULS
Director, Betsy WN9GOC
Director, Bob WA9D

Read by Matt KC9ULS

Treasurer's report
$2930, 38 members.

Bob Busch, working on getting his license.
Ron, KC9WKK, new member, met us at last years.
KC9UMZ, new member, just moved to Fitchburg from Waukesha. Active in ARES, helped with the Green Bay Marathon.
K9HVL, xyl of W9UX
Tom, WJ9H

Ed AC9DE, DX Century Club
Florida QSO Party, Matt KC9ULS got all of the "Spelling Bee" stations.

Upgrades/Call Sign changes
KC9ULS, Matt to Extra
WN9GOC, Betsy to General

VE Report - Carolyn NQ9A
May 4th, 1 Tech.
May 12, walkins, 1 General, 1 Tech, 1 Extra.
7 took the class and upgraded to General.

Fox Hunt
Cancelled last month.
Thomas asked how many people are interested in continuing monthly fox hunts. Several people expressed interest. Also interest in an antenna workshop. 13:00 Saturday will be a workshop on how to foxhunt.

Carolyn Question of the Day
Next FLARC meeting is June 18th at Badger Prairie Park in Verona at 7pm, NOT 7:30PM.
Field Day is June 22 & 23. Setup is at 8am, operating at 1pm.
We will be operating as 9A.
Meals provided: Sandwiches for setup. Dinner and Breakfast.
We are going to have a welcome tent as well as a social "schmoozing" tent, to help keep the noise level down in the shelter.
Thomas talked about the meeting on May 11, the computer and logging test.

Tech Class
September, date to be determined.

New Business
Hear from Tom WJ9H, about the possibilty of MARA merging with FLARC.
MARA owns and operates 3 repeaters.
Annual Madison Swap Fest is the fundraiser to support the repeater.
Purpose of the club is the repeaters, meet every other Month, second Monday at 7:30PM. Meeting topics have included: DSTAR, restricted space antennas, digital TV, but more typically about the repeaters.
Benefit to MARA is that membership is down, there is quite a bit of overlap between the two clubs.
MARA is constantly looking for volunteers to help support the hamfest.
Tom feels it would probably take a year to transition the two clubs, with a temporary organization to handle the changes.
MARA has not done any planning for a merge, just looking for interest.
MARA has not approached ARES or any other repeater organizations about keeping the repeater up.
Issues may be management burnout, $3000 year for the tower rental. Discontinued the phone auto patch, no one was using it.
It was suggested that people should go to both groups meetings, to get a feel for the clubs.
MARA feels that a group operating a repeater has better support than random people operating a repeater.

What happened at Dayton?
Thomas went to a forum on digital communications, heard about a digital voice mode that uses half the bandwidth of SSB, called codec2. It degrades gracefully under adverse conditions.
Betsy went to 'Four Days in May', learned that electronics have magic smoke.
Thomas & Nick found PCMCIA network cards at the flea market for use with the FLARC laptops.
Nick found a working weather radio.

Buck Night
KC9UMZ is the winner

Portable Antennas by Matt KC9ULS