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Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $2,766 and 21 members

Guests - No guests present

Contests & Awards - The ARRL VHF Contest is this coming weekend, starting at 1:00pm Saturday, 6M and up. Carolyn worked the RTTY roundup contest, using N1MM. Thomas KE6CBR and Nicholas KB9SKW participated in the Boyscouts of America event in Poinette, making a contact to New Mexico. Eldon N9KU became the first person in Wisconsin to officiate 200 VE sessions.

VE Report - 2 Extras, 1 General (update per pre-1987 rule), and 2 Techs.

Fox hunt - The 28th of January there will be a foxhunt at 3:00pm at 401 Charmany Dr. Brad WB9WHI will be the fox.

Carolyn’s Question of the Day - Carolyn asked what programs members would be interested in seeing at future meetings. Past suggested topics were radio interfacing digital modes, a QA session to ask ham questions with the group, and likes and dislikes of your new ham gear.

Lloyd volunteered to present the how and why of QSL collecting.

Carolyn suggested a program on software defined radio, Barry offered to present.

Tech Class - There will be a Tech class at Space Place on February 25th and 26th. Please contact Sara Elizabeth to sign up for the class. Her contact information, as well as fliers that can be printed, can be found on the FLARC home page.


President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary/Web Master: Joe W9YHF
Treasure: Joe KC9OOG
Board: Bob KC9RLS, Thomas KE6CBR, Lloyd N9LB, Dan AB9LQ

KA9D made a motion to close nominations and accept as is, motion seconded by K8RZA. Motion passed unopposed.

Field Day - Carolyn discussed this years Field Day plans. Nicholas KB9SKW opted for 6M. This year we’ll be looking at moving the antennas used for lower frequencies further away from the shelter in order to attempt to reduce interference. Field Day will be the 23rd and 24th of June.

Buck Night - AB9LQ

Announcements - The Capital City Ham Fest will be February 11th at the Memorial Church on Lacy Rd, starting at 9:00am.

Tonight’s presentation was a group show-and-tell.