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Meeting called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $2946, with 53 members for 2011, and 14 members already signed up for 2012.

Guests - Howard KC9VAZ, John W4PAH

Contests and Awards - 2011 CQ Worldwide 160 DX Single Operator CW Low Power: K9AY won first place with 259,000 points. N9CK received second place with 126,000. Ted won in the assisted category with 81,000. Lloyd N9LB received 24,000 points in SSB Single Operator Low Power.

VE Report - 2 Techs and 1 Extra. The next exam session is January 7th. The next Technician class is scheduled for February 25th and 26th.

Repeater News - EchoLink is active on the BARS 443.6 repeater, as well as the Pine Bluff 145.37 repeater.

Old Business - We are still waiting on the non-penetrating roof mounts, as well as building management approval. There is currently satellite and tri-band yagi antennas that are on the roof but not yet mounted. We’ll need to purchase the non-penetrating roof mounts, which are estimated to cost around $1,000. Sara Elizabeth WA9SE made a motion to cover the cost of the non-penetrating mount using some of the remaining $1,800 approved for the antenna conduit and related expenses, seconded by Bob KC9RLS. Motion passed without opposition.

New Business - Joe KC9OOG presented the proposed 2012 budget. Sara Elizabeth WA9SE suggested delaying the addition of a $5 fee for the VE classes until 2013, if adding it at all. The addition of a fee would create additional confusion as the VE leadership is changing next year. She also commented that the $5 fee could reduce the number participants.

Carolyn NQ9A agreed that more time would be beneficial, especially since class sizes may be smaller as new VE leadership works out the best ways to promote the classes.

Joe KC9OOG suggested waiting to implement the fee until after the February Tech class, but to then implement it next year after February.

John W4PAH suggested we keep the $5 fee, but also have the fee cover the cost of a one year FLARC membership.

Motion was made by Bob KC9RLS and seconded by Thomas KE6CBR to increase the member dues to $25. After discussion of possible other means to help balance the budget, Ted K9IMM called the question. The motion passed with 9 agreed and to 4 opposed. Thomas KE6CBR moved to look into other locations that would be less expensive than Capital Brewery to host the holiday party, Bob WA9D seconded. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Lloyd N9LB made a motion to not add a fee to the VE classes for the next year, seconded by Sara Elizabeth WA9SE. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Sara Elizabeth WA9SE made a motion to change the line items for the tech & general class from $100 to $330 to match last year’s expenses, seconded by N9LB, called by Thomas KE6CBR. Motion passed unopposed.

Ted moved to accept the amended budget as proposed, Nicholas KB9SKW seconded. Motion passed with 1 opposed.

Buck Night - KC9OOG

Fox Hunt - The November foxhunt took place the Saturday after Thanksgiving. WB9WHI was the Fox, Chris and Thomas KE6CBR found him in 42 minutes, near the airport. The next hunt will be the 4th Saturday of January at 3:00pm at 401 Charmany Dr.


President: Frederick W9GOC
Vice-President: Nicholas KB9SKW
Secretary/Web Master: Joe W9YHF
Treasure: Joe KC9OOG
Board: Bob KC9RLS, Thomas KE6CBR, Lloyd N9LB, Bob WA9D, Dan AB9LQ