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Meeting was called to order W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - FLARC spent $1,000 towards the Space Place antenna project. There will be additional payments, but nowhere near the $2,800 maximum expenses approved. $2641 in money market, $339 in checking. 51 member.

Guests - No guests tonight.

Contests and Awards - Lloyd N9LB just received some ARRL wallpaper for WI State VHF/UHF contests that occured last year.

VE Report - 3 Generals, 1 was an upgrade from a 1987 Tech Plus license, and the other two took the test.

Announcements - Last month’s foxhunt went as planned. The next hunt is planned for the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 401 Charmany Dr. Contact Thomas KE6CBR for more information.

New Business - Joe KC9OOG presented the proposed 2012 FLARC budget. In order to help balance the budget, he recommended to increase member dues from $20 to $25 a year. He also recommended charging $10 for the holiday party, and $5 for the Tech & General classes.

Bob WA9D made a motion to table the proposal, Thomas KE6CBR seconded.

The FLARC holiday party is on December 6th at Capital Brewery. Doors open at 6:00pm.

FLARC nominations will take place during the December meeting.

Buck Night - W9NSL

Tonight’s presentation was by Lloyd N9LB on CW techniques for non-CW operators.