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Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report - $1439 in checking, $2641 in money market, 51 members

Guests - Mark KC9HAM, who has moved to the Madison area recently. Clive K9FWF, who will be returning to Florida ahead of the Wisconsin winter.

Awards and Contests - The T32C dxpedition at Christmas Island is on the air until October 25th.

Upgrades and Callsign changes - Thomas KE6CBR’s wife Johnna just received her call sign - KC9UTJ.

VE Report - Lot of VEs were here for this months license tests, however there were no test takers this month.

Carolyn’s Question of the Day - Carolyn raised the question if anybody had presentations they’d like to see. Thomas KE6CBR suggested a presentation on radio interfacing for digital modes. There was also discussion as to having general QA sessions among the group, as well as having people discuss what they like and don’t like about new ham gear they acquire. Lloyd N9LB offered to do a presentation on “CW for people who don’t like CW”.

Announcements and Notices - The next foxhunt will be this Saturday at 3:00pm. The starting location has been moved to the First Business Bank building at 401 Charmany Dr, across the road from Garner Park.

New Business - MARA will have a meeting discussing D-STAR November 14th at 7:30 at the Space Place.

Old Business - Per the FLARC bylaws, the motion to cover expenses for the Space Place antenna conduit up to $2,800, after the $1,300 Space Place fund is spent, needed to be tabled for a month before it could be voted on. Lloyd N9LB made a motion to un-table the motion, Gary KA9SRM seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

FLARC hopes to get some antennas put up before winter. Antenna installation is pending approval of the planned antenna layout from the building landlord. The roof has a rubber lining, so non-penetration mounts will be needed for the antennas.

New Business - The Holiday Party will be December 6th at the Capital Brewery. Doors open at 6:00pm.

Buck Night - WA9D

Tonight's presentation was by Joe W9CWD on “E-Bikes - Lessons Learned Developing and Building A TRI-bred Vehicle”