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Meeting was called to order by W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report – Checking: $1340, Money Market: $2641, 51 members.

Guests – Clive K9FWF, who is visiting from Florida, Joe W9CWD, and Tom, who just earned his tech license and is awaiting his callsign.

Awards and Contests – Lloyd N9LB received a first place award from the ARRL for the 2010 Wisconsin section 2m/432 contest.

VE Report – August 6th: 5 techs, September 3rd: 3 techs and 1 extra, September 17th and 18th: 6 techs, 2 generals, and 1 extra.

Foxhunt – late start due to the original location being un-hearable from the starting location. Brad WB9WHI was the first to find the fox, taking 23 minutes.

Repeater News – MARA D-STAR 440 is close to being up and running.

Tech Class – The next Tech class is planned for February, the exact date has not been set yet.

New Business – Jim Lattis presented the latest information about the antenna conduit, which has been installed to allow feed lines to be run to the roof from the radio room in Space Place. The total cost of the installation was $2836, with $1300 available in a Space Place account available specifically for ham radio costs. Because FLARC is the other group which will be using the conduit, there was discussion regarding what FLARC is able to contribute, both financially as well as through experience in helping to run the feed lines and antennas. Space Place has radios, a pyramidal Glen Martin tower, azimuth rotator, HF yagi, a few VHF and UHF antennas, coax cable, and some odds and ends such as connectors.

Thomas KE6CBR reported on the boards proposal that FLARC pays for the remainder of the cost, up to $2,800, to cover expenses beyond the $1,300 that Space Place will be contributing. Lloyd N9LB made a motion to accept this proposal, and Gary KA9SRM seconded. Motion passed with no “nays”.

Buck Night - WA9CBR

Tonight’s presentation was by Phil WB0CLI on restoring vintage radio gear.