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Meeting was called to order by Frederick W9GOC

Treasurer’s Report: checking: $1739, money market: $2640, 49 members.

Guests: Matt KC9ULS, who just earned his license at the last VE session.

Awards and Contests: Lloyd N9LB made 146 QSOs in the CQ World Wide VHF contest.

VE Report: 2 techs earned their license at the last VE session.

Foxhunt: The next monthly will be this coming Saturday the 23rd at 2:45 at Garner Park. The fox has not yet been determined.

Next month will be the annual FLARC foxhunt instead of the general meeting, starting at 7:00pm at Garner Park.

Repeater news: MARA’s 2m D-STAR repeater is operating, it is not known if the 440MHz D-STAR repeater has began operating.

Classes: The next Technician class will be September 17th and 18th. Please contact Frederick to register or for more information.

Announcements and Notices: Correction to the Feedline: BARS has its repeater back online, 443.600 MHz PPL 123. (CORRECTION: per Tim WO9U, "the BARS 443.600 repeater has never been off the air since it was powered up. The BARS 146.685 repeater is back on the air but may be subject to downtime as we work to improve the installation and hardware."

Field Day: Participation was better than average, and everybody involved reported having a great time this year. Thanks to a new site layout there was more participation of people between stations. There was discussion on alternative locations for next year’s Field Day, the consensus among members present was to continuing using Badger Prairie Park. Ideas for alternative or backup sites are welcome.

Committees: FLARC has two committees available for anybody interested: a Membership Enhancement Committee, and a Programs Committee. Please contact Thomas KE6CBR for more information or to join a committee.

Buck Night: KC9ULS

Tonight’s program was by Lloyd N9LB on stealth antennas.